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I once hated Intervntion

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-03-14 at 12:00 AM

Its true. To be frank, I still don’t know how I got into the PokerGuru team. I just thought I was Baller and they figured that out. But that wasn’t the case. I was picked, I think, coz of my willingness to learn. I was really excited about this whole staking thing. Althogh its on a profit sharing basis I was pretty thrilled to crack the deal. Who wouldn’t be, you are gonna be mentored by one of the finest poker brains in the world, you are associated with one of the finest poker brands in India and you travel the Circuit with the team. What more can a poker newbie ask for?

Also, a lot of people had messaged me on facebook and my phone congratulating me on my APT win and APPT run and all the other tournament s I ran deep in and said , how good I played and How awesome I am. The only person responsible for this is Intervntion and trust me it was not a cakewalk. This is how it started .
So yeah I joined the PokerGuru team, and it was fun for the first 2 months, when intervention did not really care about how I played and just let me spew, both live and online.I spoke of ridiculous hands I played and spewed and all he did was look at me and smile and said” you will learn, you will learn”.

My real learning started when Intervntion left to Vegas for the WSOP and started going through my hand histories . I think he went on a “ Either samohh will commit suicide or he will be a better player” mission. He was with me, watching my every move for a good one month. I mean 30 continuous days. There were days when I just wanted to throw my laptop out. He would go through my hand history everyday and I get a 1 hr coaching session were he screams and yells at me for doing ridiculous stuff in a tournament. The coaching used to happen over skype and I used to dread the moment I see “ aditya is online” and I go “ F*** no”. Having said that, he never backed off from appreciating me when I did something good. I still remember there were days, when I was elated, when intervention said “ very well played” about one hand. But that one month changed my life for good and I couldn’t be more thankful to him for doing that.
Intervntion‘s favourite line when he doesn’t like your play is “ are u freaking clicking buttons all night and burning money”. I used to do this actually. How he got me out of that habit was interesting too. During discussions, he would give me a stack size , a hand range and ask me what would you do?. I was that student who wanted to impress your teacher badly. So I always had the right answer and was eager to tell him that. But he always said, wait. Take a minute, look at the stack sizes, think about their ranges and give me an answer. Which is so true when you play online or live. May be that’s why even now, before opening a hand, I take my time to look around for stack sizes. And before making a move, I always think will intervention like it if I make this move?

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Sangeeth Mohan

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