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I’m Back!

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-10-31 at 12:00 AM

Yup just like Arnold Schwarzenneger in the iconic Terminator series. As u can make out, I’m pretty upbeat right now 😀 After a long lay off and break from online and poker in general, I decided to run up my account balance on Stars cause I was getting pretty bored. Since I had very little, I started almost from scratch by first winning a couple of FPP satties. Then with a couple or so hundred in my account, I’ve been on a kind of semi heater since doing pretty well overall in whatever I’ve played.

I haven’t really returned to grinding like the days of yore. Just been playing a few here and there, especially turbos. I played a couple of 180 man sngs initially and managed to come 2nd in a 15/180 initially. Then, a 2nd place in the 109 Turbo which was awesome because the 109 Turbo is just so high variance. Best was yet to come as I managed to win an 8 Turbo 2 mornings after and almost managed to go back to back when I final tabled a 55 Turbo on the same morning. Unfortunately, it wasnt meant to be as I went on to lose heads up even though I managed a 6-1 chip lead heads up or something ridiculous like that. Was a bit tilted, I must admit :p

I’ve also got a couple of other small finishes here and there. Nothing much to write about but it feels good to be going deep and doing well in quite a few tournies. I’m on a pretty good high now heading into another live pursuit. The Aces Unlimited series starts on Nov 3rd and I’m gonna try and make it in time for that. It looks like I’m gonna be stuck in Goa for a while again. Not complaining though :p The APT comes after Aces and I’m pretty sure everyone’s looking forward to that and is gonna be playing it. I’m hoping for some really sick numbers and some big prizes 🙂

Then comes the IPS I think and the Guinness cash marathon session which I’m not sure if I want to do, but which I’m tempted to attempt! So this month is definitely gonna be action packed and I doubt I’m gonna be playing online much anymore for a while but it should be a lotta fun playing live this month! Gonna put in some time at the cash tables too so hopefully this month’s 1 of those fairytale months 😀 Will try and keep u guys updated on how it goes live this month so watch out for this space and the tweets section too. Adios

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Aditya Sushant

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