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Improvement and the PGOL

Posted by Arjun Parmar on 2012-09-17 at 12:00 AM

hey guys hows it going?

I have not been very active poker wise for sometime now but i dont miss a single day where i dont try and improve my game some way or the other. Adi has become strict at being active on the site blog/forum wise and keeps sending stuff for the PG MP team where they can see/read and learn a lot. i have used every content to the fullist and it did help me in my game. Every individual has his/her own approach towards the game. Some players are super agro, some are super tight some are passive and some players use a bit of everything in the game. If you notice that whenever you see videos or read forums on poker sites everyone has their own thoughts towards the same hand mentioned in the thread this is where we learn the most. The different approaches, different thought process, different bet sizing and all the possible things you can think off. All you have to do is go through the threads and try and pick up the methods/approach that suite you the best and make the right use of it and not just do it because its mentioned there. This is one of the best and the most important way to improve your game KEEP FOLLOWING THE FORUMS FOR HAND ADVICE. Thats what i have been doing this week just trying to learn the most from the PG pros and imply it on the tables.

Other than that the PG OL happened last night and had a good number of runners. I played the worst game of my life yesterday and thus the results were super bad. The reason behind this was extreme laziness and i was not paying good attention to the game. Felt like banging my head on the wall. Played the most silliest game ever. Wont do it again for sure. I also had a few live cash game session in this week.

Well thats all from me at the moment. I hope i have something more in the next blog and also some good results in poker to share with u guys. Till then take care be good and keep doing the damage at the tables.

Cheers 🙂

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Arjun Parmar

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