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In between

Posted by Olli Wirkkunen on 2012-07-24 at 12:00 AM

So finally the micro millions are past together with IPL and i didn’t make a huge success this time either.
I tried the satellites for IPL, both these ended quite early for my part.
In the 3K, I managed to build a stack during the first hour, and then after first break i had to move to a different table.
I had 2 interesting but fatal hands at this table. I opened from CO with ATs and BB calls. The flop shows K33ss.
BB goes allin which I cover with a stack about twice of his.. I thought for quite a long time about the hand,
even though I had a bigger stack, huge flush draw and quite often have the best hand already here.
But after some time I felt like I should call. he showed 66 I did’nt hit anything and he got the pot.
I lost a couple of more hands and got moved back to my first table very short stacked. I get involved in a hand soon again With AKo.
I’m allin and get the callers i don;t hit anything and the hand goes to Rakesh Sharma with his queens. Out and on my way home.
From the 10K sat there wasn’t so much to say… I ran really bad, was shortstacked all the time. Couldn’t find any situations or cards to play with.
And I ended early when I call my last 2-3 blinds with KJo and up against AJo,
I was grinding pretty hard at the micro millions which was not good enough for this time.
I had only a cpl of semi deep runs, very few ITMs. All this says I’m not playing well at the moment, and I can’t really put my finger on where my leaks are right now.
I have been learning alot of new stuff from Adi and the group lately, which have changed my style of playing quite dramatically.
This means there is and will be a lot of situations which i have not been into before, and this gives plenty of room for mistakes. Hopefully I’m just in between of something.
Oki, enough of this. Will give you a new update after PGT..

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Olli Wirkkunen

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