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In game awareness

Posted by Vivek Singh on 2018-12-05 at 7:55 AM

Hey guys, its been long since i wrote something up here and it has been a busy schedule with the grind and preparing for my first trip out of country for poker. Its a big news which i shall break it out to you readers in my next one. I remember telling in my interview with Arpit for my Young gun article that i would love to plan an international trip for poker and god has been really kind on me that it is happening this January. Yes, with the preparation there is a lot of rush of emotions as the dates come closer. I am excited, nervous and just cant wait to get there and execute what i have learnt from my mentor, coach, guru and a very very special person who has just changed the way i perceive things – Adi “Intervention” Agarwal.

Along with working on my game fundamentally, i am trying to work on my in game awareness which i think i lack at times when i am not in the right zone to play or just when am exhausted midway through the tournament. I feel that i need to concentrate a lot of things other than poker to succeed more in poker. Let it be eating right at the right time or just being hydrated always helps a lot in game cause mentally and physically you are driven by good energy and making the right decisions. I realized this the last Sunday after a good cardio workout in a friends studio that i was feeling way too exhausted than what i should be after the fun workout we (group of friends) all had.

Being conscious about your health and mental state matters so much in whatever you do in life leave alone playing poker. It just awoke the senses in me that being aware of whats happening in game is so so important to succeed in poker and also being confident in making your decisions brings you a lot of boost to make the right one the next time. For a person who has always gotten up at odd hours and has never seen breakfast for quite sometime I am consciously making the best efforts to rise up earlier than what i used to, give myself time to settle into the day, feel positive and eat the right things and stay hydrated throughout the day. I feel fresh and get a nice sleep too after my grind which i never used to few days back as i used to over think stuff too much post my online hours. I feel that this is going to help me heaps going forward to my trip which is going to be a long one and i need to focus hard to make things count from here on.

Thanks for reading guys 🙂

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Vivek Singh

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