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It was my Destiny to Win the Destiny and the Destiny Changer, All in 1 Week

Posted by Anant Purohit on 2019-12-07 at 3:10 PM
Anant Purohit

Hello Guys,

This is my second blog on PokerGuru, and after sharing my poker journey in the first one, I am back to blogging. The last week can be considered one of the best in my poker career as I shipped Poker Dangal’s Destiny Changer last Sunday and then went on to take down Destiny on Wednesday and Mega Freeze on Saturday.

Among these deep runs, I want to first talk about Destiny Changer and I must say that it was a really well-structured tournament. This, in fact, was the biggest tournament ever hosted by Poker Dangal. Structure wise, it was better than so many other tournaments that are currently being hosted on different sites.

I would say the win was pretty comfortable and I rarely felt that I was short stack or something, apart from the very start as I had regged the event very late and started with just 14-15 big blinds. Once I made a stack, then I only sailed slowly as I somehow felt that the field was very soft. Except for a few regs that were there in the final 20, overall, the field was very soft. I sailed through to the final table, and I knew 2-3 regs were very good. I was just hoping for them to bust out before me so that it would become easier for me to win the tournament. That’s precisely what happened and all the three regs busted. From there, it became more comfortable than what it would have been if they would have been there.

The heads up went on for almost one and a half hour and I started HU with 1:3 in deficit. Because of the prize difference between first and second place, I knew I could not afford to make any mistakes, so before making each decision, I used to think twice. Whether it was a raise, a bluff, or even opening ranges, I tried to adjust as much to the ICM. Gradually, I gained the chip lead from the opponent and finally in a standard preflop allin, I won the tournament. That was one sick grind with only 1st place in mind from very much start of the game.

Poker Dangal is growing very fast in the Indian poker scenario, and it will probably be in the top 3 sites very soon. Given the platform it is providing to the players, its tournaments and even the cash game action on the site has become quite good now. I remember Spartan Poker used to host a similar event in the start when their Sunday Superstack used to be ₹10 Lakhs GTD for the first place, first edition of which (I think), I won after a HU deal with Devesh Thapar. That was back in 2017. From there, I have covered a long journey today and won same kind of tourney on Poker Dangal last Sunday.

Recently I was in Ooty for a family vacation and that was the night I played the Destiny after a hectic day. When I was ITM, I was mentally fresh but physically very tired due to all the sightseeing I did entire day in Ooty and I was short-stacked as well so I decided that I will continue on phone. I thought I will probably bust in some time and I will sleep, but somehow, I was able to get a double up, followed by another double up to get a good chip lead. I was probably among the top 5 stacks or something. I decided to start game on my laptop again and luckily, I ended up shipping it and that was quite a good experience to ship a tournament while on vacation.

To end this blog, I would say to all the new talent and budding players that first of all, start making minimum mistakes. Winning a hand does not necessarily mean that you are playing correctly or losing a hand does not mean that you are playing incorrectly. It’s about what you should be doing rather than what you have done, whether you have won the hand or lost the hand, doesn’t matter. You should focus on correct process. I see a lot of new and regular players making a lot of mistakes on the table.You should be learning and studying the game in order to not make mistakes.

Be informed that this game does have variance. If you get dealt aces 100 times, it is almost certain that you will lose 20 times, only to win the remaining 80 times. So, don’t get disappointed or tilted when you lose on your better hands. That is part of the game and that will happen with you in order to win the counterpart of the probability.

I could say that I am in full control of my emotions while playing from last year or so. I almost never get tilted, I almost never lose control of my game or I can say it happens extremely rarely, previously it used to happen very often when I would blow off my chips once I got a bad beat or something but now I would say that 95 percent of the time I am in full control of my game.

Before signing off, I want to give special shoutout to the support of my family, specially my wife who has played a crucial role. I have upcoming plans of a Goa visit soon for IPC to get some live feel.

Hope to see all of you there!!

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2 years ago

Destiny plays an important part in everyone’s life it can take you to the top as well as to the bottom. Quite an inspiring story that how destiny will love you back if you have faith in it. wonderfull Artcile.

Anant Purohit

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