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Its a tough call..

Posted by Akshat Sharma on 2012-12-28 at 12:00 AM


So that was pretty much it for the year till recently and the non poker events that happened. I have been grinding a lot off late. Actually it’s not grinding at all considering I play of max of 2 tables at a time. To all who look at the FT figures and consider poker to be an easy way of making money, I promise you it is tougher than you might have read or heard about. You need a lot more than just skill to excel in them. It can take quite a toll on your body/mind. Probably that’s the reason a lot of us need some good green/black. Anyway….

[B]HH review: [/B]

I had multiple semi deep runs in the month of November and early December, and jus could not figure out what the reason for not going further was. I managed to convince fellow PGMT mate ‘pb106’ (Prateek) to do a HH review for a top 20 finish in some 2.2 Turbo and it has made me realize so many of my leaks. For starters, I heard and occasionally spoke a lot of jazz about picking up spots but din’t really know what exactly a ‘[I]spot[/I]’ is. Cannot say I know it all now but seem to know so much more now. In particular, it has helped my short stack game a lot. Once again, Thanks bro!

[B]Hot 4.4: [/B]

I’m sorry but i had to make this a part of my blog. So I finally had a deep run in of the Hot’s. Played solid poker and felt like I was in god mode. Reality though was jus that I had few situations going my way. =P I particularly focussed on not getting overly tight towards the end, something i’d been doing for so long. It was really funny to see how jamming so many hands with less than 10 BB can be effective. Finally finished 10th. Was super gutted. Lost back to back 60:40’s. Fuck tht!

[B]BR management and Turbo selection: [/B]

Just like every year this year too I busted my BR multiple times (4 times this year). I’ve always had BR management issues. Read about it and spoken to people about it but i guess i’m jus comfortable shifting levels depending on the situation.

In terms of game selection I have shifted to turbos for the next few months atleast. I had been thinking a lot about game selection and finally Prabhat’s blog just sorted out and reconfirmed my decision. One reason in specific why i prefer turbos is the edge over the other is a lot lesser. Also having a good short stack game can put you ahead of the others.

[B]Plan ahead: [/B]

Might seem like teenage talk but poker is probably the only thing I’m competitive about in my life for the past few years and have given it serious serious thought. A lotta times I’ve felt that I’m very sure I want to do this in life and it would keep me content. But such is the game, there are many other things you need to look at before making this decision. To end this, Like i read in an article a few days back, [B]‘For now I’m happy to keep poker as a (very) serious hobby.’[/B]

Happy new year. Party hard! Stay safe.

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Akshat Sharma

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