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It’s been tough

Posted by Krishna Ravishankar on 2012-11-26 at 12:00 AM

Its been tough.
The past few weeks ave been crazy busy with me wanting to play play play but never having the 5+ hours required to complete a tourney. This being a far cry from my earlier carefree days where i played like crazy without a plan ..learning soo much in pgmp and not being able to get into the action is so frustrating..sighhh…!

So, ive come up with a plan.
1. id been playing the cashgames for a couple hours after work which i think im gonna stop completely or maybe play once a week.

2. gonna 4-6 table 180 man SnG’s.. all these years iv been playin such a nitty style which people actually think is optimum play after reading “strategy articles” etc.. this resulted in me reaching the top 10-20% quite frequently but never actually making any FT’s or deep runs. Hopefully these 180 man sng’s will give me more experience in the later stages/FT’s of tourneys. Also, these smaller field tourneys will allow me to put in volume despite my time constraints.

3. i suck at keeping a record of things.. and i feel like quite the idiot when i see detailed plans of tourney structures, win/loss records, graphs etc etc by my fello pgmp mates..starting now i plan to incorporate this in my poker game. PGMP is not just about the amazing coaching by mentors. It exposes you to such amazing guys who are so like minded and theres a liitle something you learn from each and every person!

Big congrats to Sahil (antilog) whos been shipping tourneys regularly since joining pgmp..
thats all for now, hopefully my next blog will be about shipping the Sunday milly or some such thing:cool:

bye for now

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Krishna Ravishankar

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