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July update

Posted by Laveena Belani on 2012-08-06 at 12:00 AM

Long time since my last blog !!! Been in process of moving so haven’t had internet access for the longest time !! Anyhow, July was overall a good month, could’ve been better though.

After shipping the 15k FO of IPL, was hoping to do some good at PGT as well – but it wasnt to be so !! Putting the mentorship lessons into action showed up enormous results both in IPL as well as PGT !! Had almost given up making FT in 15k IPL when I was the shortest stack at FT bubble; then the miracle hand happened when my QQ made quads and I doubled up to make it to FT as the 3rd chiplead !! An exhilarating feeling to go on from shortest stack to winning the event.

Came real close to cashing in PGT 5k FO as well – got eliminated at 12th position when JJ sucked out on my QQ !!! Lost a 85k pot there along with my tourney life !! A remarkable phenomenon though, I was down to 4BBs at 600/1200 after Sumit Sapra’s Ks6s sucked out on my AJo, kept stealing blinds a few hands and got nicely doubled up by Sapra when he called my shove (AKo) with Ac3c. Managed to build a stack of 40k by 1000/2000 when I lost the chiplead pot.

The PGT Main was going great till I spewed one hand with a stack of 50 BBs at 400/800 and losing a couple of flips in quick succession with AK against 99 & 22.

As usual PGT was one helluva experience, teaching me so much about my strengths and weaknesses. Even though the IPL win boosted my confidence, the PGT brought me right back on ground to remind me how long a way I’ve gotta go before my game attains serious maturity.

So long ….

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Laveena Belani

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