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July Wrap Up

Posted by shashank.s on 2012-08-14 at 12:00 AM

Hope you all are doing well at the tables….

Haven’t been blogging for a while, this blog is probably two weeks late…..I will try & pick up from where I left off last time.

I played a bit of the Micro Millions, not as many events as i would have liked to…… mainly due to a crazy work schedule. Nothing spectacular to mention in the side events, played a pretty decent game & had a couple of decent runs……… Was looking forward to the Main Event though, by far the deepest online structure tournament I have ever played. Over 65K started……. I started off pretty bad & lost more than half my stack trying to bluff catch with second pair. From here on I got my head back into the game & decided to use the deep structure & play tight. Had a pretty swingy first 5 levels, was unable to hold on to my stack, I dropped below the starting stack no less than five times. Was finally able to stabilize my stack & built it up. With about 10k player left @ 1000/2000 I was sitting comfortably with an 85K stack on a really soft table, stealing couple of blinds every orbit & winning the occasionally decent sized pots…….. And then disaster struck, out of nowhere my internet connection decided to stop working & I couldn’t figure out what to do…. I literally ran to every nook & corner of my house hoping to get some sort of a signal but with no help….. And just as it had disappeared it decided to show up exactly an hour later, but by then I had been blinded down to less than 1BB & ended up finishing around 4.9k ish. Was pretty hard done by the whole incident, was playing really well & pretty confident about making a deep run.

I also ended up missing the July edition of PGT, this one was even more heart breaking. Was unable to make it due to work, after my leave got cancelled at the last moment……. Was really looking forward to meeting up with everyone from the PGMP & playing some live poker……. well I guess next time.

Congrats to everyone who finished in the money at PGT July.

Until the next time…..

Cheers !!!

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