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Know urself.

Posted by Hardit on 2012-11-10 at 12:00 AM

Hi all. This is my first blog . Well we all got danda from Adi today so u may see a lot of such “my first blog” entries today. So I am gonna take this opportunity and post a blog that I have been thinking and kind of working on for a couple of days. So here are a few words that I threw in a bucket whipped em up and now I am going to spill them on this blog hoping that a painting appears.
Everyone will tell u that it is important to know your opponent. What kind of player he/she is and what his/her tendencies etc are. But I think people don’t talk often enough about knowing ourselves. After all we are opening ourselves up at the poker table every hand.
In the stock trading business it is often said the weakest link in a trading strategy is the trader himself and this could not be more right in a poker strategy. The reason behind this is quite obvious; player is the only component of the strategy which has a personality, emotions, traits, tendencies and habits.
In poker there are so many right plays in a single spot and yet we always wonder what the right play is. So let me suggest a new variable here, maybe we should wonder what the right play is for me. Obviously the basic principles of game don’t change and most cases these principles will help us in white and black areas. But poker is game of lot of grey areas and we may be able to use the knowledge better in those areas if we are not kidding ourselves. What I mean is we should be conscious of what we did and why we did it. And in any case if we don’t know ourselves we won’t ever be able to go to 2nd level of thinking which means limited growth in poker.
And this also helps up in not feeding a mistake. Someone who understands the game a lot better than I do once told me we all have urges to gamble every once in a while. It is not bad to follow them what is bad is to think we made a good play when we win in such situations.
We all can be doing the same thing but we can always do it in our own ways. I am going to steal a quote from a movie lucky you here “a man should play the cards the way he leads his life and should lead his life the way he plays his cards.” So I am going to leave this as a food for thought for people who read this blog. Feel free to post your comments on what you think on this subject.

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