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Last 2 weeks

Posted by ashutoshnaik on 2012-09-25 at 12:00 AM

Hello guys,

Hope you all have been doing good.

Firstly a big shout of congratulations to Sameer Rattonsey, Abhishek Goindi, Samohh, and Sumit Sapra on their International successes!

Regarding me, I have had a torrid last couple of weeks. Been on a terible cash game downswing both in the local games and in Goa, although have been doing decently in tournaments. I bubbled the final table in 2 of the last 4 live tourneys i played, and finished 8th and 13th in the other 2. Satellites have been better and I have managed to chop a multi event satellite. Also since I have been selling action and have got some free tournament tickets, I m breakeven in tournaments, but cash has been bad.

I m going to take a little break from cash games to re-analyse my game. I lost a couple of 60K pots, where I was 85 to 90% favorite on the turn. In one of the pots, On a flop of 10 7 2 2, I called an all in of a player who had K 10, when I had JJ, only for the king to appear on the river.

Have been playing a bit aggressive in tournaments, and I feel that I have a good early and mid tournament strategy now, which is helping me to chip up quite a bit until the final stages. I need to work a bit on my final table and late tournament strategy.

Some hands from the tournaments that I can remember

1. 20K main event
– blinds 100-200 UTG I raise to 525, UTG+1 flats, with KK, with 12K stack, – Player 5 from middle position flats, Uday Patil from button goes all in for 4000, folds to me.. From his body language it smelt like an Ace King, I go all in on top, UTG +1, calls with AA. Uday Patil shows AK, Aces hold, I am down to 4000 chips.
– I chip up to 8K, lose a flip when I had AQ vs K3.. and out of the tourney in 13th place.

2. 10K double chance
– Was pretty deep in this one, Lost a couple of BvBs, to finish 10th – called bvd 78ss vs 79 and then shoved 15 BB with A4ss BvB, ran into JJ, nothing held.

3. 5K thursday event
– Finished 8th. I dont remember the action but I had a very strong hand and was trying to murder the table when I got out.

The good thing about the goa tournaments was that there were a lot of amateurs playing the tournaments as well, thus I feel that we have a little bit of an edge if we can exploit it.

I am looking forward to India Poker Legend this weekend – will play the 10K super satellite to the 100K event, and the 6K bounty.

Among other things, I have backed one of my good friends, who is going to Vegas – he has blogged about it here ( [URL]http://suggyman.com/preparing-for-my-2012-vegas-trip/[/URL] ) – bought 33% of the action, so hoping he does well. He is a very good $1-$2 cash games player, and is going to have a few shots at $2-$5 as well. He is going to play from the 30th of September to the 7th of October – 12 hours per day on the fishy cash game tables in Vegas, so Josh, if you are reading this – Good luck to ya!

Well that’s all for me – hope i have some good news the next time I blog


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