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Last cpl weeks and Vegasss

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-06-30 at 12:00 AM

Been traveling a lot lately, first went to Nepal for a cash game weekend, then flew down to Goa for CR cup and now finally here in Vegas for WSOP.

Nepal was good to get away from the brutal summer heat. I mostly played 200-500 over 4 days and lost close to 7 buyins, didnt run bad, mainly played really bad. Whenever the next cash game event happens in Nepal I am definitely going, poker is still pretty new there and there were quite a few locals who are getting into poker, there is a big casino going culture there and I can see poker getting really popular among the local crowd there. I plan to work more on my cash game temperament, just need to learn to play nitty which is mostly required in these games

Right after Nepal I went to Goa for CR cup. The first event was 15k FO where I ran pretty good and managed to cash in 4th place. Uday Patil played extremely well and won the event, he is one the Goa tourny regs who is working very hard on his game and this win definitely showed the work he has put in. For the 50k Main Event, PS ran satellites online and ended up having 17 qualifiers. The tournament was excellently structured, scheduled to be a 3 day event, but was reduced to a 2 day event cos of the low turnout. Its a pity that such an excellent tournament got just 40odd players, just shows the sorry state of tournament poker in India right now. Lot of people are to be blamed for it, especially all organizers who implemented re-entry format in their tournaments after APT Goa main event (first re-entry event in India) had the highest number for a tournament last year. This pretty much sucked the money out of lot of the semi-regs who are now nowhere to be seen. Re-entry just doesn’t make sense in small field events, 6 mnths of non-stop re-entry tournaments last yr just killed the tournament field sizes to a large extent, numbers have just been decreasing since. There was great value in the Main with 9 dead stacks (9 online qualifiers didn’t show up), so it was effectively a 30 person tournament with 4.5 lacs of dead money. Craig ran the tournament very smoothly and Bryan Huang played host on behalf of PokerStars extremely well, he is an amazing ambassador for them and Poker in general. Very few tournaments such as this are held in India, very well conducted, excellent structure and beautiful trophy, really wanted to take it down =/ . Big congrats to Pranav Bagai for winning the CR cup Main, another good guy who has been around for a while, brings joy to lot of people whenever he wins 😛

Right after CR cup I went home for a cpl days and then to Delhi. We had a brutal 20 hrs of flying from Delhi to Vegas and lot of standing in endless queues for security checks, immigration, customs and what not, really really hate this part of traveling. But we are finally here and couldn’t be more excited. We are staying at the signature suites at MGM grand and have a sick view of the strip from our balcony, will post some pics in my next blog. We will be playing the remaining two 1500’s, two 1k’s and the Main Event (last 2 weeks of the series left). Tomorrow we will be playing the 1500 NLH event, I will try and blog after each event or incase I go deep after each day.

Time to run gooooot!

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Aditya Agarwal

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