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Last month wrap up..

Posted by Arturo on 2012-11-02 at 12:00 AM

Over all the last month of was very good for me as I shipped one tourney, the stats for last was looks like this Played-:122,ROI:280, ITM : 15.6 with some pretty good deep runs. My results are showing my improvements in my game.
Now with good bankroll now I will try to put good volumes this month and lets see the results this month also trying to put some volumes on cash tables I know I am not good on cash but wants to improve in that too. Last month I was on my high on cash games and manage to upswing looking good for me.
This month was FTP is going start will discuss with some friends before opening the a/c der. Let me know what you guys think of FTP.
Missing the last month PGT was huge disappointment for me, I cancelled the flight at last day before leaving due to family problems.
Best of luck to samoh and other Indian players in Macau.

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