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Last month wrap up….

Posted by Arturo on 2012-07-02 at 12:00 AM

Hello everybody,
Hugely tilted from last month results, almost lost all my BR, played both cash and tournaments with lot of experimenting. I think I am doing lot of different things which costing me huge. I tried some new Bluffing strategy, whenever I have more than 100BB I used bluff strategy by firing bullets on each street such that it cost me around 40BB till the river if i lost that hand and to my surprise its working.
Since the mentorship program, my game has been completely transformed. I am thinking lot different from one I used to think of same situations before, specially shoving ranges.
I played very low volume in last month played 16 big almost on every day and 33 big one day odd (which my BR doesn’t allowed as thumb rule).The reason behind was that I don’t want to play donkament and I was playing during my office hour, hence played only one or two MTT as same time,
Played 99 tourneys last month with ITM 15% and ROI of -66. Getting deep in some MTT but not able to crack some luck, its like poker god was not with me having lot of lose in Coin flips and bad beats in crucial moments. My best finish was 29th in 33 Big, The action goes like, I min raised in 1600/3200 with 33 from EP. I have around 21 bb which was average size in tournament with 29 player left, I got Call three callers , FLOP 9h,4h,3c with four players I want action some so I check, ck around and turns comes Jh, I bet half of pot and action folded to BB, who raises me and I shoved , he showed me 8h 10h after losing this pot I was crippled to 3 BB and was out v next hand.
Some other results were 98th in 16 big, again I got beaten my 33 by KTo in preflop action. 43rd in 5 turbo,180th in 16 big, Some terrible mistakes by me and some bad beats happens to me put me on tilt from last week or so I am trying come out of that shocks, my AA beaten by AKs, KK beaten by AKo, TT beaten by 88, Some horrible loses bad beats.
Tried some cash games after this beats with 8 tabling which got me silverstar status on PS, the only positive thing about last month.
GL to Adi and co. for WSOP. Bring it one time man……..

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