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Last Week Wrap up…

Posted by Arturo on 2012-06-06 at 12:00 AM

We have great session with Adi regarding 3 bet light, I learnt the complete new prospect of 3 bet with some new ideas, I started to 3 bet lot to experiment on PS. To my surprise I never got one right, either my opponent 4 bet me or he flats me. It’s proved very bad experience for me in first 5 tournaments. I decided to review my tournaments and moves with it. I found it very difficult to 3 bet lite in micro buy ins which we called as DONKAMENTS where many players don’t take it seriously and call with anything pre-flop. I rail some pro online and see how many times they 3 bet and what the response they get from opponent. For instance I rail Adi and Bryan they were playing both micro and mid stakes and they also 3 betting lot and I realize that they get more respect in mid to high stacks tournaments as compare to micros.
So 3 bet lite is very dependent on tournaments stacks, spots and opponent. So its good weapon to be used in tournament, but use it carefully.
Played lot of tournament and cash games last week and vanished my entire bankroll on PS and got some transfer from 888. In Cash games I lot two huge pot when I have 2 pairs against villain’s sets and my sets against villain’s flush who calls my all 3 barrels he was great fish to have but he owns my soul in that game.
In tournaments I having pretty decent time in last 2 days, having min cashed in almost 80% tournaments I played and deep runs in 2 tournaments. I finished 43rd place in $5 rebuy where once I was in chip lead but ended tournaments after losing 2 huge coinflips one after another. One hand which gets me in the final 100 was : Action folded to SB with 50 bb min raised me (BB) I 3 bet shove him with Q2o around 15bb and I hold his A7s.
I finished 5th in $5 KO turbo which has 3000 players, I played this tournament last night on my new PC which I bought recently to grind in nights at home, usually I play in my office in day times only on my laptop. Due to no wi-fi in home I used netsetter and had horrible experience with my net connectivity I don’t know it was good for me or not as I got decent result, I have no time to make decision as I disconnected frequently where I have unable to play my JJ, AQ types of hands. Also I was drunk yesterday. Which might have help me in some bold decisions . Busted on 5th when I shove with my A3o from BTTN and SB called with AQo. Now I have some bankroll to play.
That’s it for now…

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