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Late Night Guilt

Posted by Rishabh Chawla on 2011-05-06 at 12:00 AM

Despite promising myself to write more in April, I (clearly) failed miserably. I could certainly blame a lot of the lack in motivation to write, on the surgery (10 days), on hardly playing much (13 days), on the post World Cup victory haze (on going), or Darfur. Yeah, I’m gonna go with Darfur.

In any case, last night I got a 2 AM phone call from a friend who wanted me to play some tournaments he was in before he lost internet. Now, for most people reading this, 2 AM is a normal, decent time to be awake and clicking mouse buttons. However, as I have mentioned at several times during the course of my blogging “career” (HA!), I have recently been trying to live a normal sleep-at-midnight-wake-up-at-8am-think-of-1L-as-a-large-amount-and-not-a-river-bet lifestyle, so 2AM is indeed “late night” for me. But, my friend had already exhausted other options, and I couldn’t really get much sleep anyway, so I agreed.

As I logged in, I saw he was playing 4 tournaments – 2 $10 daily doubles, one $50 25k Guaranteed, and one $100 rebuy. We had a medium stack in both the daily doubles and the $50, and a pretty short stack in the $100 rebuy. I got into the action straightaway – busting from one of the daily doubles with AA vs KK, 50BB effective – he flopped a King; doubled up in the other daily dollar; almost doubled up in the $50 – flatted AQs from the SB verse the button squeeze and got it in on a board of QT2 two diamonds against ATo; and busted from the rebuy shoving K9s to a late position raise and getting called by QTs.

So, on to the hand I wanted to talk about – in the $10 daily double, blinds at 50/100 with a 65BB stack I open T9hh UTG to 285, and get flatted by the loose aggressive UTG+1 who has me covered by a coupla blinds.
Flop: KT4 2 spades
I c-bet 525 into 720 on the rather wet board, and get min raised to 1050. I feel at this point the min raise is either: a) A decent King – K9s+, b) ATs c) QJ d) A decent FD or e) A hand with some showdown value that wants to min raise flop in position, check behind turn and evaluate/check behind a lot of rivers with a hand like 2 eights or sevens or nines. Against this range, I feel I’m behind often, but not often enough to fold to a min raise. Also, I think he shows up with a made hand here more often than with a semi bluff, because he’d probably make it a bigger raise with a semi bluff. I guess you could argue a fold, but I felt I could represent a lot of draws myself, depending on turns and rivers. I thought about 3 betting the flop, but I lose his entire bluff range and only get called by better hands.

Pot: 2820
Turn: Off suit 3
Is that a brick or what? I check called a tiny 985 bet.

Pot: 4790
River: Off suit Ace
This is probably one of the best cards in the deck for me. My line looks a lot like AQ/AJ/QJ/AK, and the Ace hits my range very hard as pre flop UTG raiser. I remember thinking that jamming here is my far the best play – ~4200 into ~4800, especially since I would do that with my entire value range, and there’s no way he can call with one pair – even with the Ax of spades. He snap called with Aces up – Aces and Tens, but I think this was one of the few hands he can have in this spot that can call the pot size river bet on that river. I’d reaaaaaally appreciate some feedback on this hand though.

Around the end of this hand, my friend called me back to say his internet was back, and I tried to apologise for busting him out of 3 of the 4 tournaments, in the space of 15 minutes. I have to admit – I felt pretty guilty about the whole thing. Even if busting out of 2 wasn’t avoidable, I maybe could’ve played more passively with that 65BB stack in the third one. Which brings me to the question – every once in a while when a friend of yours asks you to fill in for him in an online tournament, should you be playing your own style of poker, or should you try to passively get past the period that he has no internet during?


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