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Leak come Leak go ??

Posted by Russel Parkin on 2012-11-30 at 12:00 AM

One huge leak i realized i had that would go away when i wouldn’t play that frequently, and would creep in if a started putting more volume in live cash, was fairly overplaying hands having reverse implied odds. Playing hands like KJo, Ajo in a multi way pot, getting good apparent odds backfires more often than not and has little to no value on tight-ish full ring tables where people play premium starting hands. Mixing up starting hand ranges between a loose 6 max table and a full ring is a pretty dumb thing to do.mad: Can’t be going backwards when everyone’s improving so fast.Maybe ismoketoomuch and that’s a leak! :p
Anyway, online mtts, I’m continuing to get owned in the mid stages.Got owned post flop in the hot 8.8 yesterday, with about 270 players left (couldn’t the post flops lessons come quicker ?! :).
I have a 26 bb stack. Comes folded to me in the cutoff and i’m dealt A8o. I open and a fairly loose sb flats. He donks out 1/2 the pot on A Q J two tone. I flat. He doubles his flop bet on a brick turn to which i decide to shove, not giving him credit to play K10 this tricky, which pretty much leaves him with QJ that he could be protecting, along with a lot of drawing hands in his range. I mean, any bigger Ace, he’s raising me pre as i had been pretty actively opening and re shoving too (could be leveling myself there, not sure). He tank calls and shows QJ , river bricks. NH sir.. you got me to spazz out there 🙂

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