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Legends of Poker

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-04-17 at 12:00 AM

No, I am not talking about the Brunsons, the Iveys the Durrs and the Ungars… I am talking about the legends of Online Poker. I know its ironical to write this blog today, But I just cant wait to express my excitement in the worlds best online tourney players going through my hand history ,giving me feedback and helping my game. The learning I have had in the past 6 days have been immense.. It was tough as I had to undo a lot of previous learning , however it was amazing. Now I know why they say ” these online kids are freaking crazy”.

Now let me tell you this, Online Kids arent crazy. They just have unbelievable judgment and make Optimal and advanced plays to be successful. And for all those who scream that online poker is rigged. I thought so too, till 6 days ago. Till I won my first online tourney. I delivered a few really sick , 2 outer beats too.. Well, you have to get lucky sometimes. I agree that you get sucked out or coolered a lotta times online, and thats exactly why they let you multi-table. To show a win rate Online, you HAVE to put in volume. So the next time you transfer that 50 USD to FTP and play that one tourney you want to play( I have done this many times and busted all the time) , remember, Volume is the Key. You are just wasting that $50. Instead put it a lil more and try to play as much as possible. The more tourneys you play, the more chances of winning. Another thing which I noticed about online poker is Tilt. When you Multitable make sure that the result on one table does not affect the other tables. Beats are a part of life. Accept it.
(Btw, I still cant. One sick beat , and I start 5 bet shoving preflop with 83o.. I am little better now.)
Here is a technique you can use. When you are multi tabling and when you have all your money in on one table, just dont look at it. Concentrate on the other tables. If you win obviously the table will pop up the next hand and in case you are beat, you dont get to see how sick it was…

And finally IPC, I just managed one final table at the IPC this time around and finished 9th in the final event. May is gonna be a crazy month with non stop tourney action.

Hope I can get a few good scores online before the may madness….

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Sangeeth Mohan

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