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Let me try

Posted by Sweetu Bansal on 2012-11-09 at 12:00 AM

Hi friends,

This is my first ever blog.

Have started playing poker pretty recently, comparing to other player with whom i have been playing. And, it all started just like the heading of my blog “Let me try”.

As u all must have experienced, it took me no time to get hooked up with this game.

Played it bad, the reason, played it as a gamble, but no, this ain’t gambling friends. Its very much a game of skill. By the time i realized this, had lost fortune in it (surely by my standards at least).

But, me, I am a fighter friends, can’t give up, thought when others can do it, why can’t I.

As this is a game of skill, i need to learn the basics, so here i m trying to, have recently joined PGMP2. Although, have not been able to understand 100% of what is being taught, but definitely i am learning it.

Recently, played PGT (first two tourneys 5K n 7K), and made it to the final table of 7K, thanks to PGMP.

Friends, will be blogging very soon about my online grind, till then goodbye.

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Sweetu Bansal

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