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Lets call this one “The incomplete Blog”

Posted by Hardit on 2013-02-28 at 12:00 AM

Sup guys.. long time since i have blogged.. but finally today i crawled out of under a gazillion tonne of work to write this blog..
Last couple of months have been nothing short of a pressure cooker at work and at the felt too.. Whatever little time I got I tried to spend on cash Omaha and had one of the roughest rides I could have imagined. Usual course >> bad day then bad play and then more bad day and then more bad play… net effect lot of blood in the ledger. But been able to recover a little and hopefully will be back in black.
In last couple of months I have realized some of the crude realities of poker. In any sport it’s the good player who gets the cream, but in poker the good player always gets the stink eye. “Oh god this guy ”. And the funny part is u don’t have to be good, if people think u are good that’s enough for them to put u in the “avoid” list. Everyone wants a sucker on the table. It may be more of a sport in tourney format but in cash game – stink eye dude stink eye.
Contrary to normal sport a sucker is a more valuable in poker, he is the star of the game; he is the M freackin VP. So why am I talking about all this. Well primarily to point out the obvious, that it is important to play good but it is also important to manage image in poker. The number of games that will open their gates to u directly depends on how much action u can generate and if u can’t well then u ll get the game that no one wants to play. Sometimes I wonder how it would be in more mature markets like US where the game has been there for so long that most people are aware of the deeper aspects of the game.
Another crude reality of poker is CREDIT. I guess it has its uses but I find it is mostly misused more than it being used. Of course everyone had intentions to pay back and we are all good for it, but when someone takes credit the gates are open for all, the good, the bad and the ugly to use/misuse it. Plus when the game goes on credit its mortality rate goes even lower. The hope of recovery and the ease of getting chips without paying right way usually leaves people in shit deeper than they can handle. As a result as a group we bite more than we can chew and then soon there are no games left only a bunch of people who owe each other money. I am sure u might think that I have gotten a bit carried away here, but given that I consider poker as a big part of my life I often ask myself what label do we want to put on poker and what label are we putting.
Enough about the dark and dingy aspect of poker industry, lets talk about what’s up ahead, i am excited about March, PokerGuru Tour in Goa and the 25 Lakhs guaranteed tourney at IPA here in Bangalore on 15-17 march. Hopefully there will be really good cash games too during that time. Might be able to go to Goa for PokerGuru Tour fingers crossed. I would urge people who can, to come and participate in Bangalore tourney. last one, which I could not attend L, I hear was really good.

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