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Life at PokerGuru Staking

Posted by Mithun Mahesh on 2019-04-23 at 11:54 AM

Hello everyone! Today I will write about my life at PokerGuru Staking. It’s been a few months since I joined PokerGuru Staking, formerly known as AceJack and was recently accepted into the 2nd Batch of Aditya “Intervention” Agarwal’s coaching.

I was part of the Chennai Sharks team in GPL India 2018 managed by Vikram “Lungi” Kumar, I had never met or talked to a poker player before GPL auditions, also never was I coached and had only read a few books on MTT-poker. My decision to turn into a full-time professional when I was doing very well in my Engineering career might technically be an idiotic move but luckily the ‘leap of faith’ is turning out to be the best decision of my life so far. Vikram bhai gave me the opportunity to join PokerGuru staking during the GPL auditions, and now I’m already living the dream!

When I started playing online poker, I googled this query “Top Indian Poker Players” where I found Aditya Agarwal. I read articles, watched interviews on YouTube about him and was totally fascinated by him, but never imagined one day he will coach me.

During the GPL auditions, the other qualifiers were gossiping about poker world, there I got to hear some stories about how Adi had coached almost all of the top poker players in India and about him being a magical coach. That was the first time I desired to be coached by him. Fortunately, my audition went well, and I got a spot in Chennai Sharks team; also Vikram bhai was seemingly impressed by my dedication and potential hence presented me with an opportunity. To be honest, I had never thought of staking and coaching since I wasn’t aware about it, but when Vikram bhai offered me to join PG Staking, it took me less than a second to say “yes”. The prospect of being coached by Adi was so appealing that I didn’t need to think at all.

After a long wait, I was finally admitted to the Intervention batch#2, and my journey began. The first session itself was an eye-opener, within a week I felt like I was playing one-dimensional poker and Adi had just introduced many more dimensions to it. I remember a fellow GPL qualifier who was receiving coaching from Adi back then saying, “Dude, Adi is incredible, he has solved poker,” and now everything makes sense to me. The way he conceptually explains, the fear he sets in us while coaching, and the indelible dialogues he delivers time to time are simply legendary. One of those dialogues still echoes in my head “3bet the f*** out of people”.

It’s been just a month of his coaching, but I already feel my game has improved 10x times. Unfortunately, I haven’t delivered any results since the coaching began, but I believe it’s mostly because I might be a little overwhelmed by so many changes in my playstyle in a short span and also due to some other mental blocks I might not be aware of. But I’m thrilled with everything so far since I can see a clear road map and how I can make an impact once I integrate all the information I absorb from Adi.

PG Staking management is genuinely incredible. Kartik Ved and the rest of the management handle things so flawlessly, which is truly remarkable. There’s zero pressure from the administration and no one ever questions when your results don’t show up, which really helps and accelerates growth. We also practice a high moral standard over here and are strictly prohibited from doing anything unethical. Also, we all work together to keep the poker community at a similar standard. The rest of PG family is extremely supportive and genuinely thrives to succeed together. Everyone here is helpful and attends to our doubts selflessly. Special thanks to Vivek bhai, whom I hit up with silly doubts that I’m too shy to ask in our groups.

Also, we are encouraged here to blog as it helps to gain clarity and boost confidence. PokerGuru Staking really emphasizes on the growth of the player and shows that it’s not all about money. I remember Kartik saying, “We want to make world-class players out of you all” and PokerGuru Media Hero Arpit Jain saying, “We want to develop you all as a brand”, these words prove and are in line with the vision we have in here. For me, it is no less than a “Theatre of Dreams” and obviously most of us are Manchester United fans in here. I don’t know much about other stables operating, but yet I can say that PokerGuru is the best stable in India and I would choose it every time over others. That’s it folks, my current goal is to absorb as much as I can from Adi and integrate it into my game. Good luck at the tables, run good!

You can connect me through my Instagram handle ThePokeRaja

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Mithun Mahesh

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