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$lim$hady19: New Year and IPC Feb :Part 1

Posted by Sahil Chutani on 2016-03-04 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys,

How is everyone doing?

Just landed bk in Delhi and being under the weather for the past couple of days. So i decided to blog a little about how the new year has been so far and talk about some hands at the IPC Feb edition.

We had plans of going hard at the start of the year and setting a tone for the rest of the year. I started January pretty well and went on a 6k upswing online. We got levelled up and started griding higher abi’s online and coupled with some fatigue and better regs at those stakes went on a 6k downer in feb.

we had already planned on IPC Feb as being our first live series stop of the year. I am a more of a control freak when it comes to poker and business- I like to plan everything upfront and stick with it comewhatmay. One of the things I realized was i used to arrive for the first event pretty fatigued (having grinded oline the previos day). so this time we decided to book one day in advance and come out all guns blazing the first day itself. so the flights and hotels were booked and the plan was to grind the satties hard on spartan for the IPC(pretty soft imo). we cud only manage 40k in tokens for the IPC 🙁 but we were pretty confident of our game. Confidence is a funny thing, as on one hand we were on a 6k downer in feb. but i felt my game was way better then 2 months back, such is poker (wink).

we arrived for the first event and we were dressed to win :P, the old hoodie had made way for a formal blazer, we shook hands with the organizers took our table draw and did what we love to do: grind and grind hard :cool:. well 12 hours later we won the 10k kickoff and had our first live title in the bag. will run thru some improtant hand i remember as i plan on this being a poker related blog primarily.

Hand #1 : BB;50-
preflop: we open 77 from ep to 3x, V flats from mp and bb folds, hu action.

the flop is a 2 9 r.
This board favours the utg range and plan is to double barell here atleast and triple barell off on some rivers. We c bet flop to std. szing (35-40 % pot), V calls.

turn is a brick 6: we continue with our plan and double barell with 77. plan is to still tripe off on most rivers. V folds turn

Hand 2 # bb: 300 with ante.
preflop: utg opens 2.5x utg we look down at AA and we r playing effectively 30 bigs deep. we flat call in ep and we have V with shortish stacks who can squueze behind us giving us max value with AA here. Another V peels from mp and bb folds. 3 way action

flop : a 7 3 r. we flop a dando (dando meaning nuts :D, named after my coach fold machiii). utg V overbets shoves on the flop, we are almost snapping but as we have one more V left to act, we slow ask for a chip count and then call, mp V folds.

utg V ( AQ o)

Hero (A A)

V is almost drawing dead and we hold to get almost get a doouble up, the first vamos is in the air !!.

with a stack now we start playing looser and start opening lot of pots from late positions. plan is to take a lot of non showdown winnings and follow a high freq, small bet sizing approach vs most bb defends.

Hand 3 # bb 800

Bhalla opens shoves for 10 bigs and we look down at Kk, and call. everone else folds and cards are release at showdown.

V : kjo
hero : kk

flop is q82, rohits turns a 9 for a sweat but we hold to win a 23 bb pot.

we continue chipping up and i get the feel I am amongst the chip leaders. that felling is turned to proof as we win a crucial flip :

Hand 4 # bb : 2k with antes

utg V( who has ben playing solid) opens to 2.2x, navkiran from utg +2 flats with a 16 bb stack , we look down at qq from mp and we cover everyone at the table. I 3 bet my qq to abt 4.8x bb, utg flats navikiran goes over the top and we announce all in with qq. utg V tanks a lot and mucks his holdings. cards at sh :

Navikiran (ako)
Hero (qq )

we win a very crucial flip and chip up to over 100k and ur cl the tournament.

We are getting close to the bubble and the plan is to put a lot of pressure on middle stacks and opening a lot of pots. our table is still pretty soft, only guy i recognise is hades (simon mint) a descent reg on spartan with a 24 bb stack and I have direct position on him, so we can 3 bet him a lot.

hand 5 # bb 2800

hades opens utg to 2.5 x to 7k. i look down at ajo in utg +1, a perfect 3 bet combo in this position given table and stack dynamics. our 3 bet sizingis the key here, we have a perfect 3 bet combo, but we dont want hades to peel as once he peels his utg range dominates our ajo heavily. i 3 bet to 17, 500 (2.5x sizing). hades tanks a lot and openly mucks his aqo hand. we r happy to see him laydown that combo. I always peel that combo btw, no way i lay down aqo to a reg’s 3 bet. but its not the worst play if u really feel the V’s 3 bet range is value heavy.

Also as the bubble is nearing i want to firmly establish myself as the table captain. Plan is 2 open every blocker from now on (ax,kxsuited, allbroadways, suited connectors, every pair) nd steal very light from late position.

Bubble play :

24 guys were paid in the 10k kickoff and we were trying to play every pot once the filed was down to 30 guys. plan is to open sh. atc onthe bb, open every btn virtually and 3 bet jam super light. The payout structure is very top heavy so plan is 2 put a lot of pressure with our big stack.

I clearly remember a hand with Maria on the direct bubble (25 left). Maria with 8-9 bb limps from sb and we r bb. i cover Maria by a margin. I usally look at my cards once the action is on me and we hvnt looked at our cards, without looking at my cards i announce is all in. maria asks me you hv’nt even looked at ur hand even. I dont need 2 look, the strategy is simple- atc is an all in for me given table and stack dynamics. she mucks

we burst the bubble as we r opening atc on the bubble and our t6t sucks out on aqo (pretty std. spot ul).

hand 6 # bb 8000

hades open shoves from btn eff. 10 bb, we look down at AA and snap call. we hold to chip up to 300k +.

Final two tables :

hand 7 : bb 10k

mp2 opens to 2.2 x, he has abt 23 bigs effective. this V has a very high rfi (raise first in), we look down at a9o in sb. my 3 bet from sb is very polarized usually, and i dont like to 3 bet a9o from sb (the blocker effects r not that effective), the reverse implied odds r bad. but this V has a very high rfi and a perfect stack size to 3 bet fold this combo.3b sizing is very crucial here. I have to choose a sizing so that he does not peel and is left with only 2 options, 4 bet sh or fold. i raises it up to 65k (3x sizing). he tanks like anything, I realize he has a legit hand here and we r prepared to 3 bet fold here. he finally mucks and releases qq………wtf !!!?

I am shocked to see somone fold qq here, i can and will never fold qq dr (in fact i prolly 4 bet jam 55+, kqo,ajo here). But agression as with everything pays off in poker, u have to be selective with it but u cant win in today’s game by missing out any spot.

Final table set :
The ft of the 10k kickoff is set. We are the overwhelming cl as we hv more than twice the second guy. I do a quick check on stack sizes so see on which stacks i can appy max. icm pressure. I also get some inside scoops from friends on two guys who will deviate from ICM as they will play for the trophy. meanwhile Rajat passes by me and says, ” It’s urs 2 lose sahil “. i donno what he meant exactly but i become even more focussed and determined to take this down now.

with a slew of short stacks, quick eliminations happen at ft and our plan is to open shove on bb and 3 bet sh. on mid stacks. quickly play is 3 handed with me with 900k in chips and two V with 10 bb. we are open ripping about 50 % range from btn and applying the max icm pressure we can.

Hand 7 # : BB 30 k

we look down at q9o btn and open rip on eff. 10 bb stacks, we get called both by sb and bb, never a good spot. sb triples p with a8o and we r set up for heads up play.

HU :

V (970k) – 30 bb

hero : 760 k – 19 bb

a hu deal is negotiated and i manage to scrap in 20 k on top of chip chop numbers, so I agree to deal. Also the trophy means a lot to me, it may be plastic for people, but i play poker as a sport and winning trophies means a lot to me.

Hand 8 : bb 40 k

we have become short with arnd 13 bigs, sb limps we check our options with 89o.

flop : j 6 7 r. I lead with my up and down draw and v shoves, i almost sanp with my short stack and we get there on the 7 turn.

the Hu V is a bit of a tight passive station, so i am opening my buttons very wide and defending a bit tighter

Hand 9 : bb 40k

we r almost dead even in chips with abt 17 bigs. V opens to 2x we look down at a3o. I can easily repop my ax in a hu situation. But against this V and my holdings (ace rag) calling is the best option. We call and see a flop

flop : a 7 k

we check, v bets we x/ call. turn is 5 we check again, V checks back. we almost good here everytime

river : 7

I wud prolly value bet river had i had a better ace and the board not paired up. wit the board pairing up and given our kicker our holdings r a much beter bluff catcher. I check he bets 45 % pot, i snap call, he says good call and mucks. we chip up to 1m +.

Final hand :

Sb limps, we check our options with 34o in bb/ flop :

5 6 7 r

we check and v bets 50k, we x/ raise to 160k with our flopped straight, V shoves we snap and hold on to bag our first live title 🙂

I will run through some hands in the main event and the final tourney in which i came 3 (which was way tougher as I had to really grind that one despite being un well)

Cheers for now, see u at the tables.


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