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Live games, Online grind and the mentorship program.

Posted by Olli Wirkkunen on 2012-05-13 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys..

My name is Olli, and this is my first blog ever.. I have been thinking of blogging before, but I couldn’t find enough many reasons or the time for doing it before.
Now however I am highly motivated to blog as a part of the PokerGuru mentorship program which I was selected into. I will be blogging mainly about poker but some other things and thoughts might come up as well.

First a small presentation about me. My name is Olli Virkkunen. I was born in Finland, lived there my first 10 years before moving with my parents to Sweden.. I stayed in Sweden until I was about 25 years old, when I decided to leave the country. I was tired of the cold climate and tasteless food. I came to Goa, India and just fell in love and decided to stay in India and Asia..
Since that I have spent most of my time in India, and also in Cambodia, Thailand, Macau and lots of shorter visits in different countries.
i started playing poker in Sweden, small stakes 5 card draw was the game we played until internet poker and texas hold’em boom hit us. Me and my friends started playing online poker quite early, but we never took it seriously. It was more like Friday/ Saturday entertainment with beer, friends and music..
I did find out early that I could play profitable in live games, and started playing at casinos and other games.. But I felt like keeping my game on a hobby/semi pro level, and did so. Until I started playing more last year and started to feel like giving it a shot..
Since that my online game has been quite unstable, but my live games has worked out much better. I have totally 4 cashes in casino tournaments in Goa (1 is not listed in my profile from casino carnival in April 2nd place) and good results from private friendly tournaments which have been up to 40 players. Also my cash games has worked out, but with some swings..

since some 2-3 weeks back I have started to grind MTT SnGs on PokerStars. mainly 2,5,10 and 20 table tourneys. I am playing on the lower limits and trying to build up a bankroll. This feels like the easiest way to build a bankroll. I will try to avoid cash games and bigger games. I am also using holdem manager 2 software for analyzing my game, and trying to find my mistakes.. And maybe most importantly I will try to stay disciplined and not to play too much so I don’t tilt..

I’ve been putting more volume in live tourneys too, since february I have played 6 tourneys at the casinos, and have a 4th place from PGT march, and a 6th place from the last IPL 15k.
I have learnt that I am much more comfortable with deeper stacked torneys then any others, and will be avoiding tourneys with less then 100BB starting stacks from now on until I feel different.

I have been analyzing my last hand from PGT May 12K. Guy from UTG shoves, he have been playing quite loose and very aggressive seen him making allin calls with A3o, and he did just shove the hand before it too. blind are 300/600 antes are in, I’m getting short stacked and decide to call him with AQo. he shows 33, and it’s coin flip time.. Preflop we are about 53/47% to his favor. the flop comes K62 rainbow… and the situation is different. now he is 74/26% favorite to win this hand. if the flop would have been let’s say K66 instead, he would still have been 60/40% favorite to win this hand.. So I didn’t hit turn or river and I was out just like all the calculations predicted.. Anyway AQ and other Ax combinations are good for pushing, but not always for calling, but I think my call was the right move because of my short stack and hig blinds..

Finally I am very excited to be a part of the mentorship program and are given a chance to learn from Intervention and so many other highly motivated and talented players in this group.
I am very confident in that all of us will learn lots of new things from each other.
may the flop be with us.
Until next time..


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Olli Wirkkunen

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