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Posted by Sweetu Bansal on 2012-12-10 at 12:00 AM

Hi friends,

Due to work constraint, did not play much Poker in last few days. Even had to make last minute cancellation for APT (although now i dont regret much looking at the turnout).

However, whatever i played, played it bad, lost a big pot bluffing in Omaha (the game i dont know much) to Pro Jasveen’s nuts. Rest, dont want to mention much about my weak play, since i believe in remembering good things only.

Sunday, got a chance to play a live tournament of 10K buy-in, although the turnout was low (18), but was a good tester before my fav tourney PGT.

Inspite of low turnout, it was tough field, to name few: Amit Verma, Amit Jain (bblacklegend), Jasveen, Nikunj Jhunjunwala (high roller – cash games player), Sumit Sapra, Kavish, Rajeev Kanjani, Gaurav Gala, Amar, DK n others.

Got of to decent start, played with position n could manage to steal pots against Amit Verma, Jasveen n Nikunj. After the fourth level, 300/600 (50), UTG+2 Amit Verma moves allin with 7kish, MP2 moves allin with 6k, i m CO with 88, having 8k stack with not wasting much time shove, rest all fold, Amit shows suited QJ, n MP2 has AJoff, nothing hits n i get the big pot.

With few more steal, very soon we reach to the final tablea with Gaurav Gala the chip leader, i m 3rd in chip lead, Jasveen is 2nd, and, on final table has position over me. Payouts are anonuced to top three n the fourth finisher getting the buy-in back.

From 9 to down to 6 players did not take much of time as Jasveen and I stole most of the blinds. PGMP lectures were coming good, i kept shoving as per the range taught to us, showing good hands at times, nobody dare called my shove. At one instance i shoved with A8 n sb tank folded showing A10. After that i folded A9 out of position, showed the hand to make him feel good.

N, now we were down to four with the exit of Amar n Gaurav, Jasveen with huge chip lead, I was in the second position with marginal difference between the second n third. On the blind level of 1k/2k (200) short stacked shoved 3200, I was big blind with 56cc, made a crying call of 1.2 bb more, as i was sure that i m behind n did not wanted to give short stack anything extra, he flipped A5 off, nothing hits n he advances to 8k, the next hand Jasveen is BB, short stack again shoves, Jasveen calls, n short stack is now close to 17k, marginally less to the third place.

Blinds 1500/3000 (300), he shoves again 12k, I am on sb with AKhh, i pushed my 30k stack in the middle happily, Jasveen tank folded showing his A3cc. Cards faceup, the other guy shows 107cc saying that this is his fav hand. Hits his 7 on the turn.

With less than 6 bb left, i shove with Q7ss, Jasveen on sb calls with Jacks, and, my four plus hour grind earns me back my buy-in.

But, wait a minute guys, story does not end there, God is Great.

I immediately jump to 6 handed cash table 100/200,

Very first hand, i get pocket threes at cutoff. I lead out preflop with 800, two callers, bb n mp, flop is 468 with a flush draw, check down to me, i lead out with 1800, bb reraises to 3600, fold action to me, I rereraise it to 8100, bb pushes allin, i insta fold. Lesson learnt: never jump to cash table as soon as you are busted out of the tournament.

After few hands, another bluff is caught n i m down to 6k (20k buy in).

Two hands after on the button i get 77. I flat the 3x raise of Sapra from MP, Imran on bb makes it to 1500, sapra flat calls, i flat called, the flop is J107 n i m back to my buyin.

Immediately i get AKss and i m upto 25k, Next hand on bb i have Cowboys, Imran n Asad call my raise of 1100 preflop, On the flop of Qd9d5h, i make it 3300, Imran shoves 30K, Asad makes a crying fold, I tank call, since Imran would have reraised me preflop with either of pockets (Q95), would not have called my raise with 59, only possible hand that is beating me on the flop is Q9, but with hitting two pairs, he wont shove, will definately try to extract money from me, so for sure he is on either flush draw or a straight draw. Asad made a crying fold, so chances of flush draw are bleak, straight draw to complete is difficult i have the outs. I double up to 53K.

After few hands, on bb i have pocket rockets, i lead out sapra n Imran call, Imran shoves 7K on the flop on my raise with a flush draw, sapra folds, insta call n i m up to 71K.

Table breaks, i walk out with 50K, God is Great (as always Maurice puts it), no matter if it is from the touranment or cash, money coming in is always sweet. ISNT IT.

Very soon will be blogging again, about the ongoing tussle among tourney organisers, before i fly off for the title of PGT events, till then, stay tuned, GL n bye to all.

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Sweetu Bansal

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