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Long time, no Ship?

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2013-03-08 at 12:00 AM

Hey everybody

The whole blogging scene is pretty dormant these days in spite of regular Adi threats 😀

Just finished 6th in the Hot 11 for 1.5K, was 2nd on FT, so feeling terri bad for not shipping it :/ also was CL with 20 remaining, played one hand really bad, but all things aside I am getting a hang of this Turbo Sprints, thanks to Antilog! aka the “The Turbo Man”

[B]Happy Women’s Day[/B]

Image Inserted: Check

[B]No poker long time[/B]

Few people are aware that poker got banned in college and I had not played any poker from last 3 weeks, reached home day before yesterday, played a couple of games and feels happy to FT a MTT

[B]Anti again on the same table![/B]

Antilog would just not leave me along with around 60 guys to go, we both were on the same table, I was taking tips from him, (obviously re-shoving ATC into him :P)

We had been on the same table once before when I shipped a $15 x 180, signs were good I guess 😀

[B]Turbo Tips[/B]

Honestly, I was shit scared of Turbos, I was the slow guy, but time constraints forced me to learn it, thanks to HH review sessions, it was a breeze learning.

We reviewed Adi final table run, Anti winning one HOT, so, everything seemed really standard to me, and I was quick to grasp the tricky spots.

Turbos are more about finding spots pre-flop and making use of each and everyone of them. Post-flop game is very less, until you are CL and playing the 2nd-3rd guy, everybody else is average <10BB.

I really don’t think I am good enough to give tips, but would love to hear some from Antilog.

Guruji aka Adi just shipped “The hot 3.3″ today, So I had to be motivated, and thanks to the whole PG team for creating the awesome environment that we have during each session” – This was my Sunday milly winning speech, but I guess I’ll use it anyways today 😀

My volumes is really pathetic, trying to improve it as much as possible, haven’t even played 1200 games till now in life
😮 [url]http://www.sharkscope.com/#Player-Statistics//networks/PokerStars/players/dvcoolster[/url] which includes my struggling life of 0.02 MTTs

Had spewed almost all from the 10K win, so this win does help me get healthy for coming Sundays!, Take care Sunday, we gonna come hard at you!

@Anti: Just ship that big 8.8, ok, I am mentioning it here before you do it, that entitles me to at least 100 bucks when you ship it, and I am not kidding, even i put this smile 😛 take me seriously!

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