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Long Time Yo

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-07-13 at 12:00 AM

Its been long since I have blogged and I thought I might just hop in and say “hi and also let you guys know what I have been upto.
I havent played a tourney since the CR cup and trust me this break is helping. I decided to work on my cash game a bit. I read up on it a bit and decided to take a shot in Bangalore where I was for the last 7 days. The Bangalore game is kind of wildish. They are awed by the dwans and the isildurrs and they just play suuuper aggro, without knowing what the hell they are doing. Of course they have the heart, but have no idea about board textures or player profiling. I mean, I am quite a NIT on a cash table (surprise), my cold 4 bet gets called 3 ways and people are stacking off on middle pairs… I made a decent profit for the trip.
I havent played on stars in a bit and I have just been delaying it. I just thought I will take this time to work on one thing and just focus on it. I am getting back to the grind morrow night . A micro Milly shippament wont hurt yeah.
Also I am super happy for Intervention. What a beast, I mean what a beast. 2 sick close finishes in wsop and being so close to the bracelet.

For all the PG mentorship programme boys. This piece is for you. This is a lil story from Macau.
This time around in Macau, I found that a lot of people are asking me questions about different spots and hands and asking me for opinion. At first, I thought they just realized that I am baller. But then I had a conversation with a Japanese friend of mine (clutchhero on PS) about a hand and the discussion changed to online poker. He says” dude you are very lucky”. I said ” why?”.” Dude you are being coached by intervention, online legend. What more can you ask for ?”.. Foshizzle. Thats when I knew the reason for my latest Baller upgrade. For all you guys, this is a sick sick oppurtunity. I mean no one in the world of intervention’s calibre does coaching for free. NO ONE. So make use of this and hope we all ship’em all…

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Sangeeth Mohan

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