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Lost with A-T

Posted by Kunal Gunjan Talukdar on 2013-07-20 at 12:00 AM

Hi friends, I played the $25 booster tournament (62 players were playing) an hour ago. After I started I won a hand and lost two, my stack of 17800 was nearly 5k chips below the average. Most of the players on the were limpers and a couple of pre flop raisers. So, here is my last hand with a player (VILLAIN) who was mostly limping in the pre flops and had a stack of 36025 :-
SB- 100
BB- 200
2 players fold from early position
VILLAIN calls 200 from middle position
2 players- one in middle & the other in late position folds
kunal31(me) with TsAh raise to 2000
SB & BB folds
VILLAIN goes all in wiith his 36025 chips
I call all in with my remaining 15800 chips
VILLAIN has 9d9s
FLOP: T 9 5
And I am busted

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Kunal Gunjan Talukdar

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