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Luck in Poker, My Story and Future Plans Part 2

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-08-08 at 12:00 AM

Continuing on, I stayed back a day after I won the main event. I got down to talking with Adi and he suggested if I was interested in being staked for tournaments including online. It seemed pretty enticing to me especially because my stint with ONLINE POKER had been rough and patchy until then and I hoped this was the break through I needed. So I agreed and asked him to confirm asap as I was eager to begin playing.

I then started playing online sometime in late December or early January I think. Since there was nobody else on the PG team then to guide me, I was pretty much on my own and my inexperience showed immediately as I sinked into a massive downswing right away. I started to get depressed about it as I wasn’t used to it. Just as it started to seem like there was no end, I won the 42k guarantee on Full Tilt in Feb for my biggest score at the time, effectively wiping out my downswing in one shot. I also won the IPC 5k event in Feb(Effectively the last live tourney success I had..Sigh!)

It was in the 1st week of June when I actually realized that I had been taking it easy with the online grind and hadn’t really been putting in any kind of effort. I started off well, immediately having some good results which kept me going and by the end of the month, I had had my best month in all with my biggest score to boot. The scene gradually changed too as since then, there’s been 4 of us putting in good, consistent volume and it’s been fun to grind when you know there are others doing the same. I had a good July too and now I’m starting to believe that I have a shot at doing this consistently and profitably.

I have slowly watched the PokerGuru team grow from what it was to what it is now..a team of 10 solid players..and each one being as close a friend as an associate. I’ve had a lot of good and fun times..a lotta good memories in the relatively short span of time that has passed. I’m sure there are many more to come in the near future and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone again for the PokerGuru Tour!

Reg my future plans, I think I’m just gonna be putting in a lot of volume online. I feel like it’s what I need to be doing right now and what I’m doing well right now. I have already reduced my visits to Goa and they are probably gonna become even less from now on which is an irony because there seem to be tournaments galore in Goa nowadays with at least 3-4 tournament series being held every month now. I also plan on focusing on cash games in the near future. I have largely overlooked on that part of my game for a while now and I know I’m good enough to do well in them over the long run. Of late, my cash game attempts in Goa haven’t gone so well but my sample size is small and I know where I went wrong and where I’m lacking so it’s just a question of when I actually decide to sit down and address the issue…probably not for a while though. My eventual goal is to play the WSOP next year and to be able to do so, I’m gonna have to come up with some consistent results for the upcoming months so that’s what I’m gonna be focusing on..

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Aditya Sushant

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