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LUCK V/s Skill

Posted by Arturo on 2012-07-29 at 12:00 AM

Pokerwise yesterday was very good for me, as I managed for 2nd spot in two way chop in big 3, a day before yesterday I manage to 32nd in 5 rebuy, I was chip leader in this but I put myself some shitty spots and lost some crucial coinflip at wrong time.
I was out of my BR and don’t play poker for 8 days and then I do something which was against the my rules, I take out some money from my savings and buy PS dollars at very high cost. So I have now 400 bucks on last Monday, this time I was very serious of this 400 and decided manage this BR perfectly. SO I decided to play some small cash games and was up 200 in 6 days now I was back to tourneys, played very few managed to go deep in every tourney, and in last two days I got some 2nd and 32nd spots to boost my BR, and very happy about it.
Many says poker is skills game but I tell u luck is also important to win tourneys, Pros tell it as variance, what I experience till now is skills matter till last 25-30 players remains and after that we have survive some coin flips where we need luck. I saw ALL-IN the poker movie, a documentary film where Chris moneymaker bust Phil Ivey and some other pros with some luck. I must admit luck matters as moneymaker was in some huge debts before he won sat to ME, and he doesn’t have money to go make it Las Vegas, to his luck some of his friends forced and help him to play and he won. Its large debate, but I will play poker because I love it, to hell with luck or skill.

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