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Posted by Ashmeet Sahni on 2014-04-11 at 12:00 AM

Hi everyone! My name is Ashmeet Singh and this is my first blog on PokerGuru. I was very excited to blog since a long time but had the notion that none of the people might be interested to hear about any micro stake games that I currently play. But still being an optimist, telling you guys a little part of my poker story.

I learnt the game of Poker through Zynga Poker like most of my friends and many of the new entrants to the game I guess. I picked it up in 11th class and I was instantly hooked up to the game. Even though I was playing it for free on FB, it still felt pretty nice and I could sit on for hours and hours on my computer and play. I then also started watching those High Stakes Games and WSOP videos on YouTube and my fascination for the game went to the next level. All my class 11th and 12th went to playing Zynga and watching these videos and a few freerolls organized by PokerGuru on FTP and Stars (finishing ITM was amazing then). Also at the same time I was more inclined towards playing some live cash games and feel the real Clay made Poker Chips in my hands but this was hard to come by in school life.

Next Level
The next stage for me was when I got into Manipal University into an engineering course that I found a few games running in Manipal, which was Rs200 buyin with 1/2 blinds. I played these games and was pretty much luckboxing my way through them with the help of so called “Beginner’s Luck” and it felt really good having a few extra bucks in your pocket during college days. These games lasted for just a mere semester and then came the bigger games of 1k and 2k buyins (Yes they were big considering my BR at that time). I went to play my first game with a classmate of mine, Lets just call him Adi. Adi and I went to this 2k game with blinds 20/40 and with almost half my BR stacked infront of me felt pretty scary. These games were run by a group of seniors in Manipal and we were just a bunch of 2nd years looking around for action with almost no experience in Live cash games. Those guys played pretty loose-aggressive and since we both played pretty tight, Adi and I both managed to remain in profit after the game ended. We felt like on the top of the world. These games were pretty frequent played by me and a few other friends and my profitable sessions were on a roll (Felt GOOD).

Now came the phase when Games were now being organized by our own batch mates because we were now seniors ourselves and games in the senior batch went dry. These games are the usual 1k buyin with blinds 10/20. These games were played frequently by Jdsaz and Sanatkaikini and my other batchmates. Just mentioned their names because many of you might be knowing them through the PokerGuru Skype group and also by their huge volume online. We guys still play regularly and I will seriously miss these games after I leave Manipal. These games have become so huge that in one of the night games (usually starts at 11pm and ends at 6 am in the morning) one of my friend, Harsh won 25k. So just imagine the kind of action there might have been. These games become crazy at times, too crazy.

I was getting enough cash game action to not get me bored through the college. So, my regular day started with attending lectures in college and then off to poker table for the evening. Then came along the idea to try my hands on Online Poker. Officially introduced to online poker by jdsaz and sanatkaikini. Thanks to them. There was no plan at that point, no BRM, no hand analysis, no Hand Ranges. I just wanted to play. I blew up almost $150 which was a lot for me at that point of time. I realized that online was not my cup of tea.

Then one fine day I got to know about the tourney Cool Million happening on FTP on a Sunday night with $11 buyin and $1M GTD prizepool from either Sanat or JD, not sure. I rechecked my Online balance- last $22 left. I wanted to take two shots at Cool Million since it had a multiple entry format. But I had a few beers that evening with a few friends and came back to my room and only registered for one buyin since I was a little high. Adi and I were going to take one shot each on the prizepool. The tourney started and I had the run of my life in that tourney. Yesss, that was one hell of a godly run. I managed to finish some 100ish out of 90k enterants and got paid $800. WOW!! I just couldn’t believe my eyes. That was like Heaven for me. I sold off the $ immediately to a Mumbai pro (don’t wanna name). Extra bucks in college meant only one thing– Party. Partied hard with cash I earned when I was back home in Delhi for my summer holidays

That was the end of my Online run. Pretty much been only playing cash games in my university town since then and pretty satisfied with these games. Just hope to learn from a pro someday and venture into the Arena of Tournaments. Also might post some interesting hands from our cash games here. Hope you guys like it. Thanks for Reading!  (MY PS id- “cludmv”)

PS- If anyone from Manipal is reading this and wants to get into our regular cash games. Comment below. You are most welcome.

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Ashmeet Sahni

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