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Macau Diaries – Series 2 -75-25 aint working

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-10-10 at 12:00 AM

So Finally I reached Macau in the afternoon and because all the rooms were full, I had to wait for about 3 hours to get my room. I slept for bout 4 hrs and headed to play the 5k KO bounty.

The tourney was a little shakey for me in the beginning where I lost a decent pot with AKdd in the beginning and then was down to 5k at 100-200 , 25 ante. Then I got moved to a new table which was pretty soft and I was able to chip up to about 14k. At this stage a very good player (I think he is from Australia) got moved to my table. he was opening a lot of pots early position and had very good bet sizing and stuff. At this stage , I won a huge pot (24k) with JJ to AJ and was sitting at a decent stack when this particular hand happened.

The good player who just got moved opened to a standard (2.2) raise – 850 from UTG +1 and I see 34hh on the sb. I make it 2600. He thinks for a while and makes it 5800 with 23000 behind. This was the first hand we played and my image was pretty nitty. So I thought this was a perfect spot to make a move and announced all in (20k more for him) and he snap mucked. Like intervention says , my idea of betting there was to 5 bet shove.

After this hand I was cruising and started opening a lot of pots.I had a max stack of about 31k at one point and dropped to 28k when I opened and had to c-bet fold to a check shove from the button. The very next hand on the sb , i see AQss and the same villain with about 14k in chips opens for 2k at 400-800, I 3 bet him to Induce and he moved all in which I called. He had A4o and a he hits 4 on the turn to scoop the pot.

I was down to about 14k , at this stage, I had about 13bb, a weak player limps UTG +1 and I see A9o in Middle position. I move all in and the hijack snaps me with Aqo… Thats was GG me.

I am not really unhappy with the way I played today but I think there were a few spots I missed out on early on. I will be talking to Intervention about these hands and see what he says.

Well, tomorrow is a day off and I will play the 2500 Bounty event day after. Rajat too got here today and our man had an extended sleep session and dint get there for the event. We hope to chill morrow and start fresh Wednesday.

Thats it for this edition of Macau diaries, see u soon..

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Sangeeth Mohan

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