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Macau Diaries – Series 2 – Part 1

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-10-08 at 12:00 AM

So here we are again, looking forward to another week of great tournament poker in Macau.

My actual journey to Macau starts tomorrow however I thought I need to start this series with an intro into what I look forward to .

I am playing almost all events starting Monday. I think I will start with the HKD 5k freezeout at 8.10 pm Macau time.This is a Bounty event with 1k bounty on evey player you eliminate.

From Tuesday on, my schedule depends on what I run deep in and how the other days look like. I am undecided as to what day I am gonna play the main event. Mostly I will play 1b and I can play the entire stretch in one go without a break.

This MPC is different from the previous appearance the team made. We as a team has come up in a long way when it comes to tournament poker compared to the last time. All of us know what to do in most situations and we can adjust our play according to table dynamics, stack sizes etc much easily than before. Thanks to the intense coaching sessions with Intervention.

I will post more pics and updates on the entire trip on a daily basis, so come back and watch this space for more.

I would like to end this post mentioning what a dear friend felt about Poker on her first visit to Goa. She had a completely different idea of how a poker room should be and when she actually saw one during IPP she was lost. She said ” I dunno whats happening here. Everyone is so silent and serious and wearing glares and hoodies indoors at night. At times I feel like standing in the middle of the room and screaming ” we hit an ICEBERG”” just to get a reaction out of these guys.”.

To an outsider , this is poker, but for us this is life.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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