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Macau Diaries – Series 2 – Run bad is a Part of Poker

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-10-15 at 12:00 AM

First of all,I am really sorry I dint blog as much as I said I will.Macau hasnt really gone the way I had expected it to,so was a little upset about the whole thing.

After the 5k event on the first day, i took it easy and played the 2500 KO bounty. I started well in this tourney but I lost a huge pot with KK and then with AK and eventually shoved AQ and got snapped by QQ.

The main event was something I was looking forward to and I had decided not to play scared given the fact that its a huge tournament.I started off really aggressive chipping up to about 24k without a showdown. Then I gt dealt AKss,I opened for 850 at 200-400 , 25 ante, the button 3 bet to 3k and I make it 8.5 k instantly, he pushes and I snap. He had JJ and I clip a K on the flop for a very good double up.I also took enough shit on the table for 3 betting and snappin him with AKss.

I had 2 good players on my table and everyone else where people who have learnt terms like “flush draw, top pair, respect” etc and thinks they know how to play poker.They were peeling every hand and folding to a c-bet.This was pretty much standard.One particular hand, this particularly old guy raises 3x ( 2400) ( his standard raises with monsters are 6x) and another guy(from the same team as they were wearing the same hoodie) flats.I look down at 67o on the SB and makes it 7k to go. The old guy folds and the guy who flatted shows AK and folds saying “respect”. And I said thank you. He also mentioned, “suited I was calling”. It was a pretty soft table.

I just got into 2 hands with the good players. In one hand I opened KTcc UTG and from the SB this australian guy 3 bets and I flat in position with about 120bb effective stacks. Flop came 2c5s6h. He c-bet 2500 into a pot of 5400 and I call .(I had 2 overs and a back door ,of course I am calling) and then came the beauty in the deck the Qc. He bet 4k, I snap makes it 12k and he starts tanking and after about 5 mins open folds KK . In my final hand, a very good aggro player opens , another guy flats and I 3 bet with KJo. The flop was J52 rainbow. I bet 10k with 34k behind. He calls. Turn was king. I bet 18k. He calls. River was an 8, he jams and I call. He shows 88 and its GG me. Sick float.

Next I played the 10k 6 max. I was very confident right from the beginning as I knew I was playing good. 6 max needs you to be very aggressive and that was how I started too. I was opening a lot of hands and in position and was able to take it down post flop. Once I got moved to my second table it was cruise time.I chipped up from 13k to 32k without one showdown and was cruising at this stage. I lost a couple of pots with 99 and then AQss where I opened and called of a short stack shove and was down to 20 again. I built it back up to 32k when there were 1 left. I opened 2.2 x UTG with A3dd and the big stack maniac 3 bets.He was there on my first table and had played a few hands against me before this and he knew how I played. I thought this was a good spot to make a move and I 4 bet shoved which he snapped with TT and it was GG me.

Tomorrow I play the 1k rebuy and I am back

Also, The PokerGuru tour is back and this time its gonna be even bigger.And I will be right there to defend my title…

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Sangeeth Mohan

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