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Macau Diaries – The Awesomeness Called Macau

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-06-10 at 12:00 AM

Macau was awesome. It truly was. For me it was a very special experience coz it was my first international exposure and I thought I played the best poker of my life so far.

It was great for team PokerGuru coz we got to spend more time together and had the best experience too.

Before I get into the final blog, a small note about PokerGuru..

PokerGuru is the BEST ONLINE POKER PORTAL in India and it will remain so no matter what. I personally think that PokerGuru has done the most to promote Poker in India than any other brand ever. PokerGuru sponsors players, trains players, give expert advice and make sure that any new player gets the right kind of publicity in the Indian poker community. I take pride ( I am sure all PokerGuru Pros do) in being a PokerGuru Pro and I can say that I have come this far in Poker ONLY because of PokerGuru. My 1st international exposure was coz of them, my big wins online was coz of them and whatever little success I have had in Goa was coz of them. I am also really proud to be associated with a bunch of players and people who are absolutely awesome.

Back to Macau,

I am sure you guys have read about the epic beats we got in Macau and how we all did in the PokerGuru news update which was BTW live from Macau. So after all the mayhem in Macau we had our flights booked for the 7th of June . The flight was at 6:05PM HK time and by the time we got home the previous night after some insane clubbing it was pretty late. So we crashed ,woke up at 1:00 pm, packed and went to eat Indian food. ( this was my mistake). Once we were done with food it was about 2.15 and we rushed to the ferry terminal in Macau to take a ferry to the airport.

Badbeat :1 – The Flight

At the ticket counter we were asked to show the return tickets and oops. We were a little too late to get that ferry to the airport and we were gonna miss the flight for sure. As soon as this happens, Amit and I start tilting coz we dont know what to do. We finally managed to postpone our flight for a day and decided to spend a night in Hongkong while KC went back to Delhi.

Badbeat : 2 – The Hotel and Immigration

Once we reached Hongkong we were took by the immigration for some “Random” Checks. So after about half an hour of talking Poker ( We were literally explaining to the guy why a straight flush beats 4 of a kind ) we were finally allowed to enter hongkong and we got to this place called Mongkok (The Dharavi variation of Hong Kong) and found a Hotel (The Shanti Lodge variation for Hongkong). The room was sooooo small that both Amit and I could barely stand in the room together. ( We tried once and we almost kissed each other . Thanks to my Ninja like reflexes, we averted the disaster). We managed to stay there for the night .After some shopping and checking Hong Kong out , we got back home safe. Trust me, Hong Kong was weird.

Thats all for this edition of Macau diaries and I hope it was entertaining. We will be back with more Epic stuff in August when Team Pokerguru revisits Macau for the August edition of the Macau Poker Cup.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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