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Macau, online grind and WSOP

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2014-06-05 at 12:00 AM

Macau APPT ended up being huge, getting close to 500 people for the main, it was def way bigger than I expected and wud hv liked to be more well planned for this trip. We did last minute bookings and were only able to reach Macau few hrs before day 1b, which was last day of the main. I was really tired but tried my best and busted in a coin flip AJcc vs Nicky Wong’s 44. After the main I played the 15k HKD event which ended up getting 190ish players. Kavish, Antilog and I got seated at the same table since we late registered together, besides them the table was pretty soft and was pretty disappointed when the table broke. I lost AK vs AQ for 30k early on, on the new table and busted soon after. My last event was 4k hkd event where I managed to get a 12th, I had a good stack for most of the tournament but cudnt get anything going towards the later stages and ended up getting short and busting k9 vs TT. The numbers in Macau saw an increase by 30% for most of their events, this is a great sign for asian poker and I will definitely going for the Red Dragon event in August which should be the biggest asian field tournament.

After I was done with live events in Macau, I spent most of my remaining time there grinding online and that has continued for the pas week I hv been at home. I feel my game is at a good place right now and couldnt be more excited for the World Series. I leave for WSOP tonight and will be there till end of the Main event. Last few yrs I hvnt been able to go for the entire time and I am super excited to be able to do so this yr. I reach there on 6th afternoon and will be playing my first event on the 7th.

These are the prelims I plan on playing and obv the main after that.

7 Jun 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
8 Jun 14 1k NLH $1,000.00
9 Jun 14 1k Turbo NLH $1,000.00
11 Jun 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
13 Jun 14 2.5k NLH $2,500.00
14 Jun 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
15 Jun 14 1k NLH $1,000.00
18 Jun 14 3k NLH $3,000.00
21 Jun 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
22 Jun 14 1k NLH $1,000.00
26 Jun 14 1.5k NLHMonsterStack $1,500.00
28 Jun 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
29 Jun 14 1k NLH $1,000.00
1 Jul 14 1.5k NLH $1,500.00
2 Jul 14 Little One for One Drop $3,333.00

I sold some action on PokerGuru marketplace and will be updating religiously from Vegas. Couldn’t be more excited since WSOP is the reason why I play poker for a living, plus I get to hang out with my closest friends whom I dont get to see for most of the yr.

In Macau I did an interview with pokernews if any of u want to check it out here is the link


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Aditya Agarwal

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