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Macau Poker Cup Championship

Posted by Bobbe Suri on 2011-10-16 at 12:00 AM

A very popular and a much sought after event was the MPCC , October 12 – 17 , a 4.5 million HKD guarantee tournament spread over 5 days. I had prepared a circuit calendar after my big win in Goa and this was the first leg of my circuit which I have planned for the next 12 months.
I started off by playing in the 500k guaranteed knockout bounty tournament which attracted a field of around 130 players. We started with a stack of 7500 chips . It was an uneventful beginning and I managed to reach level 6 with an average stack of around 15k after almost half the field was eliminated. I basically wanted to test the waters in Macao playing against Asia and Australia’s best players, and was feeling very good about my game. I actually believed I could go the distance in the first event itself. There was a Chinese guy who made a move on the flop against another player and was crippled from 20k to about 6.5 k. The very next hand he went all-n and I sensed some tilt in that move and went all-in with AJs. I hit an ace on the flop and he hit his set of 4’s on the turn. I then busted soon after to a Chinese lady on a card rush who flopped nut flush and my two pair was no good at the turn. She went on to finish runners up.
I played couple of satellites to the big 1 and found myself as a chipleader in one of them with just 5 eliminations to go for the guaranteed seats, since the blinds were very high, moves still had to be made and I went all in with my cowboys after I saw a low flop, only to be called by J 2 hearts on a 3 hearts flop, I had the King of hearts but he survived and I lost half my stack. 2 hands later my JJ all in was called by a lady with A Q and she hit a queen on the flop to end my tenure .
I started the big one with a bang and had as many as 12 pocket pairs in the first 2 levels and an amazing array of good starting hands, I had very little support from the flop though and despite the card rush, I found myself getting sucked out on many occasions. There were some Japanese guys with some very weird poker plays and would chase down everything. They played a tourney like a cash game, button raises with nothing, squeeze play on BB etc, I built up a stack of 35k ,only to lose 15k my QQ to a set of 9’s on a 10 high flop. Later on , another Jap called my 88 with K 10 on an A 10 8 flop, I had him trapped so bad but the turn and river brought J Q and I was dead on the river to be badly dented with 6800 chips. I then busted when my A K all in shove was called by J Q o and he hit J Q on the flop which did not improve for me and that was the end of the Main event for me.
In hindsight, I can say that it was a very good experience for me and luck was definitely not in my favor. My card rush (preflop) start made me play a lot of hands initially and somewhat spoiled my table reputation. I played more hands in the 2 hours than what I played overall in the WGF win. That’s one of the reasons I was called more often than what I desired. I got a great feel for the game and got into the feel of playing big international tournaments and found my comfort zone within the same. I then went on to play some high stakes cash games at the Venetian and had a decent session there
This was a very exciting and educating trip for me and I will be back in Macau soon for a shot at the APPT events in November.

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Bobbe Suri

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