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Macau Trip – Part 2

Posted by Bharat Naidu on 2013-05-04 at 12:00 AM

So here I am with my 2nd part…. Had slept early morning after all the action and get up right in time for the 6 pm game…. It’s the 5.5K buy in tourney, which I had won a satellite seat for. So I start my game and was playing good and chipping up on regular intervals. At one point I had 24K chips and avg was 11K chips, then this hand happens. The Russian chip leader on table has almost 26-27K chips and had been playing very wide, literally playing 70-80% of the hands and generally 3betting & 4betting quite frequently. Just before this hand there was a tank trap by KK vs AA and AA held up by the chipleader.

So on UTG I m dealt AA and I raise 2.5x pretty early stage and I think blinds were 100/200, there is 1 limper and the aggro player is on button and he 3 bets my UTG raise. I act as if I m tanking and 4bet him 2.5x his raise. He makes the call, so I put him on drawy hand or some pockets … the flop is 827 rainbow, so now I C-bet 60% pot and he re-raises me and I shove. Only to be shown 77 for a flopped set and I didn’t hit any of the Ace. So my aces are busted and so is this tourney.

And I head back to my cash tables, only to have learnt from my mistakes and decide to play only 25/50 game, as I can play that game with a lesser damage to the pocket. But as destiny would have it, the waiting list for 25/50 had swelled to 2-3 hours waiting and the only seat available was 50/100 table. Reluctantly I take the seat and am grinding, sooner than I realize I m 6-7K up and decide this is good for the day to hit and run and not get stuck again. So with profits I leave the table within 1 hour and am free at 8-9 pm and then a PGT mentor “The Bigg“ comes like a savior and offers to give a city tour by the night… which I truly enjoyed and we had a great time taking some nice oriental massage for a fresh day to come ahead with no more bad beats. Damage 1.5K$, oh didn’t I make money in cash and am already freerolling the days tourney!! So wtf lets have fun and be happy… :p

Day -3
I was against the idea of playing Day -1B, as I didn’t like the structure and there was no feeling from inside saying that this is the ONE… But then is when I Bump into Vermaji again and he gives me gyaan, saying if you played day1 … you should surely play day 2 … as its your dead money laying there all to be taken :p and me being so naïve 😉 fall for it . Play the game and I run bad and am busted before the breaks. Again am back to the same spot what now?? Ok we always have the cash tables to kill time and I put my name again on 25/50 tables and wait for 2-3 hour waiting period. So I go ask the TD, why do u have so less cash tables ?? when you know that there will be around 300-400 floating players on every day. So I get the answer that as per the govt law they can have only 4 cash tables at any given point of time and have to pay taxes on tables even when there is no game going on. So it made sense for them to have only 4 licenses.

Anways, the waiting was killing me and by then my roommate RG had got knocked out. He suggested lets go to Wynn and kill it again, me being a reformed poker player, told him bhaiyya (bro) I can only play 25/50 and Wynn doesn’t have anything less than 50/100. So then he suggested lets go to Starworld casino and so did we. And we got our seats, again I make 4-5k which is almost a double up on smaller tables and am happy with the earnings, so decided to hit and run. But my roommate was stuck and he decided to stick around for longer time.

End of days Play, look ahead for the part 3 …

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Bharat Naidu

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