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Macau Trip – Part -3

Posted by Bharat Naidu on 2013-05-07 at 12:00 AM

Day – 4

So far so good…. Today I had a very good feeling about the tourney, as I personally like the KO format. So around 4pm we reached the venue and played the 1.2k satty for the Main Event. Which obviously I bombed, as it’s more of a shove fest and flips after the 3rd level. You are playing with avg 8-12 bbs, you just need to pray to poker gods to keep you on a card rush or expect to win all your moves/flips. Anyways now that I got knocked out and hadn’t had my lunch yet… I headed to McD with RG and had some BigMac (Avg meal 40-60$), which was our staple diet for most the time or there was one Indian restaurant Aruna (Avg meal 60-80$)in Holiday Inn food court.

Laters we headed to some floor games in casino floor as we had almost 1-2 hrs more for the KO event. Of all the games in floor my favorite was Sic Bo, those of you not familiar with it… it’s a 3 dice game… wherein you guess the total of 3 dice or different combinations. And are rewarded accordingly, I always tried betting on nos which had better payout ratios. Like the extreme probabilities 4,5,6 or 15,16,17 …. It really paid off, as I was most of the time being in positive zone in this game. Preferred the electronic version with Live Dice, as it paid bonuses on your bets and also you could bet on Jackpot which could be upto 240K $…. Anyways it’s time for the events to start and I head to the tables.

To my utter surprise, I find my roomie RG sitting right next to me and also I have position on him… What a sweet revenge for all the snorings I had to face… :p Anyways, right from the word go … I had been playing aggro and had been chipping up steadily. Within the first 2-3 levels I had almost 21-22k stack, while the avg was around 9-10K. Still I hadn’t got any bounty, as the last double up I got the other guy had just narrowly covered me. I was having a beast run, then is when RG suggested that we should swap our bounties and not claim if either of us knocks each other out. Being a gentleman what I am and having the chiplead, I didn’t mind and thought what are the odds that I am going to knock him out (1:9). So after like 4-5 hands I m dealt AQo on SB … and Cutoff raises 2.5x, and Button RG 3Bets and I 4bet… RG shoves and I call. Only to be shown AQo, for which I shouted ohhh Chop – Chop. But as destiny would have, I rivered a single card Q high flush to knock him out. And so did I get my 1st bounty, only to give it back, as per the deal:).

Now I was bounty hungry, as I had the chip lead and still no bounty … then a short stack shoved almost 3k chips from MP with 55, I reraised him with 54o and then it was heads-up and my cards didn’t hold. Still the bounty was eluding me, again there was allin from short stack, reshove from another short –stack… this time I had a semi decent card J8o vs AK vs KQ.. and I clipped my 8 to knock both of them and claim my 2 bounties. So I have been sitting with lil above avg stack and then there is another 2 way allin and I find myself with Supernuts 33 and I instashove only to be running against TT and AQ…. So the guy with AQ hits his Q on the flop and on turn I hit my 3 for a set and knock 2 more out :p. So I finished the day 1 with above avg chips and headed back to room for sweet sleep.

Next day we all are in the money and the game gets going quite fast and within no time I see lot of player getting knocked in regular intervals. And eventually I finished at 14th place and 5 bounties, losing some flips. Overall was pretty satisfied with the way I played, a job well done and deserved some celebrations. So I find out some nice place where there would nice crowd and we can sit n enjoy some drinks. So I was suggested two places, 1 was Divino and the other Playmate (not to be mistaken for playboy).

So we 1st head to Divino with 2 of my poker buddies, who wish not to be named. God knows why?? :p. Anyways Divino is a very high class strip club with lot of girls from the European descent and also some americans work here. It’s a very well organized place with amazing performances by the girls. So here we met a girl called Victoria, who was very friendly and hailed from budhapest and had massive dragon tattoo on her Back. Was fun to talk to and also when we said we are here on a poker tourney trip, she started telling that she plays poker too and would love to join us in the casino, to which we declined the offer as we needed to be focused on our mission… Shipping the dragon :p Total damage 500$ / person .

So next we head to Playmate, this is a strip club too but with more of Asian and some Afro – euro crowd. It’s located in Guia hotel, which is very close to the light house and also the building has very Portuguese feel architecture. I was not allowed entry to this club as I was wearing flip – flops and as per the house rule it was not allowed. Then I had to work around Mumbaiyya style and then the bouncers who were all Indian allowed us. Inside we had lot of gals who were over friendly and probably available too, but we stuck to our drinks and left the place in some time, as we needed to rest for the next day. Damage 50$/drink.

Final part to be concluded soon… and thanks for the encouragement for the blog ..

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