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Macau Trip – Part 4

Posted by Bharat Naidu on 2013-05-11 at 12:00 AM

Day 6
A beautiful morning and a fresh day to look Forward to, so as usual we get up late afternoon and Head to our Favourite staple Joint McDonalds for our brunch. So at around 3.30 we reach the COD to play the satty, where I busted and had not much of luck. And then to kill time, decided to grind on the cash games…. So I grind and am to able to recover the satty buyins :p …. And next to recover is the ME buyin!! And also I have no plans to play Day 1a and I m still grinding and the 1st day of ME has just started. Then is when my roomie comes and says you should play Day 1a, then on 2nd thoughts I decide ok lemme play it today and get over with it. Meanwhile I was able to make a decent 7-8K profit and very close to the ME buyin. So I late reg almost after 1hr, and so I join when the blinds were 50-100.

So I get to a all chinese table, and 1 guy was getting very lucky and had chipped up very soon to 70-80K chips …. I’ll call him chinese chip leader (CCL) and me being myself was opening 60-70% of pots and bleeding… That is when this hand happened, I had almost 11K chips from starting 15K …. On button I m dealt Js 6s, and I try to steal and bet 3X , i.e 300. I get called by Big blind and a MP player, and the flop comes Kd Qd 5d . I standard cbet as they both check down to me, I bet 750 and I get flat called by the BB and the other guy folds. Turn is a 3c and didn’t change much to the board, he checks and I bet 2000 and he flats again. Now this makes me think, what probably is he flatting with ??? A weak hand or a high single card flush draw, so on the river there is another brick card 8s. He checks and I fire out 4000, as this the only way I can win the pot… he thinks for a while and makes a call, and I flip my J6ss and he flips KQ for top 2 pair and I am crippled down to 4000 Chips :(Now I am thinkin of my exit plans and decide to exit with a fight and grace, all this in the 2nd level of play….

Very next hand , I am dealt 8c 8s and 1 person from MP limps, to which I open shove and get called by the button to only be shown 3c 3d … and my cards hold. So I get a double up and am back to 8K chips. So in some while I am dealt AsKs on BB, and there are 3 limpers and blinds are 100/200. I make it 800 to go, MP reraises me to 3K and all fold to me and I shove 8K…. He thinks for a while and calls, flippin 2d 4d, those are a scary cards against AK…. But nevertheless my cards hold and I again double up to 17K chips and am back in the game, phew wat a relief!!! After a few hand now I am dealt AJo on the button and whole table folded to me, I made a 2.5X bet and the SB called (the guy who called wid 33) and on BB CCL called. Only to see a rainbow flop 9c Js 6d, both check to me and I cbet 1.2k chips…. Sb moves allin for 6K chips and CCL flats, cant keep CCL on a strong hand as he is the CL and wouldn’t flat with most of the hands in his range…. So I go all in over the top and CCL tanks a while and makes a call… SB flips 67 for bottom pair and CCL flips KQo for gutshot draw…. And the whole table goes Awww!! Anyways the turn Comes a 7 and the river 9….. I see the SB has made 2 pair and I beat CCL…. I don’t mind losing to SB as he had only 6k chips and I will get the Side pot at least… then is when sum1 said nice hand and the SB was leaving!! And it struck me late that the board paired and I had won the whole pot….. I was like whoa and now I am rolling 🙂

So after a while the TD comes and says we need to break this table after this hand !! So on the button I am dealt KK, MP 1 female raises 3X and I 3bet her, now the CCL flats again!! To which the MP gal moves allin and I re-shove, as I don’t want any suckouts!! Now the CCL thinks for awhile…. Now I am narrowly covering him and his tournament life is at risk… But still he makes the call and flips TT, the MP player flips AQss…. Anyways they both miss the board and I take down a massive ME – CL pot with 85K chips, all this in the 6th level of the game, with avg stack being around 20K !!

Now I am moved to table No.2, which usually never breaks till the end of the day. And on my right I have Dhaval “Dirty” Mudgal and on left I have an very good russian player and some relatively softer players in the MP position. So I am the CL on the table and have been very frequently 3betting most of the pots and keeping the pressure on the table and also frustrating Dirty… Then on button Dirty opens a pot when a UTG has limped and I 3bet him again with KTo, the idiot UTG flats again… probably he wanted to set mine with his bottom pairs… Dirty being a good player 4bets, now I cant 5bet him with the UTG in the hand and reluctantly fold. The UTG folds too and I go want F*#! …. Anyways later Dirty told he had A9ss, but I wouldn’t have let it go till the flop had UTG not been there !! Anways I had been playin lot of hands and stealing by 3betting and had chipped up till 110K.

Then is when I lost a monster pot of 70K with AA vs JJ…. And was down to 75K chips and wasn’t all that bad, as I still had the Chiplead… Anways, after somewhile I got KdQh on Sb and Dirty opened the pot from button… Now I know what happened earlier, so I didn’t 3bet him and also had lost a massive pot… so wanted to play it cool. The BB also called to see the flop 9s Ts Jc, I had flopped the nut straight… and didn’t really care much for the flush draw… so I checked and BB checked to Dirty, who Cbet and I flatted to only trap him on a later street and extract max value!! Probably I gambled here and proved too costly to me… the turn was 8s … Now this is not the card I wanted to see, firstly I am not keeping him on flush draw !! but now I cant rule out him to be drawing single card flush. So now I lead out 50% pot, he reraised me and I shoved to stop him drawing the single card flush…. But unfortunately he had already turned his flush with Ks7s, there is lot of way to see this hand and probably I played it bad!! But again you win some you lose some…. Now I was down to 40K chips and then I lost another flip with QQ vs Akss, but relatively to a short stack and was down to 26K….. Its been helluva ride so far, being CL to tourney life at risk stage!!

Then after a while I am dealt Ah 2h UTG and I open the pot to be called by UTG+2. We see a rainbow flop J 3 4, now I cbet and he calls. Turn is the magic 5, I again lead into the pot and this time he shoves and I insta call… He flips 56 for a OE draw and misses it on river and gets knocked out. I end the day with 46K chips, with avg chips for the day being 56K and 2 more Day1 to be played out. I considered it not a bad performance considering the swings and the single mistake I made. The day wrapped up at around 3:30 am, after completion of level 12. Quite tired and just wanted to hit the bed…

I really wanted to wrap the blog series up at the 4th part, but I guess the writer in me doesn’t want to take the shortcut and I guess I would need the 5th part to conclude the series….. Thanks for bearing and also for all the support.

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