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Macau Trip Report and TCOOP

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2014-01-23 at 12:00 AM

Just got back from Macau and it was as always quite an experience and a welcome break from the online grind, I really needed this. As most of you all know we had a nice little sweat in the main but things cudn’t hv gone worse when it mattered. I’ll write my day 3 hands at the end. The whole experience was quite awesome and PokerStars did an excellent job of having the biggest MPC ever. The main was just 5 short of 1,000 players and all the side events got pretty big field as well. Lot of the smaller 3k hkd events were paying close to 200k hkd for 1st, which make me kinda regret not going earlier, as well as not planning ahead to play the highroller, which I really shud have but just didn’t plan things out well in advance. We had an excellent contingent down for the event, most of the goa regulars and the most serious tournament players in India realize the value of making these trips and I predict a huge Indian contingent for the MPC in August. I really don’t see myself playing the scam schedules of Goa in anytime in the near future, I am pretty much done with Goa for now. The Indian Poker community is really strong, now that most of us have known each other for over 3 yrs and everyone get along really well which makes for a real fun and wild time. The Indian players are getting better as well and I had predicted a few of us would do well in the main, sahil me and akki made a nice run in the main and a lot has to do with amount of time we spend playing tougher tournies online, this field was really one of the softest I have played in long time. This is going to be a big year for Indian players at the WSOP, remember u read it first here.

Plan now is to grind pretty hard online and work a lot to get back in top 10 of pocketfives, its not going to be easy but I am ready to get it done. I have no travel/live poker plans till WSOP. TCOOP is starting today and I cudn’t be more excited, there are going to be a lot of events paying over 100k to 1st and the fields in the regular tournaments will be bigger as well, so should make for a good 2 week grind. I will be spending time on the forums, so if you guys want to post hands and stuff go to hand advice section on the PokerGuru forum and do post ur thoughts on other people’s hands as well, only gonna help ur game.

Day 3 hands from MPC:

I started with 293k at 4-8k was about 12/80.

I opened first hand j4ss on btn for main raise, Victor teng in sb pilled 110k I folded.
I opened KhTs on hijack for 17k, bb fish called. Flop Kd 4s 7s, he leeds 18k I call. Turn 2h he bets 22k I call, river Qs he checks I vbet 42k he calls with q7dd.
Bustout hand utg opens to 16k on 230k stack, I shove TT in late position, he tank calls with AQ.

Was pretty brutal after playing pretty solid and not getting in to many spots to come in such a great spot and last all of 20mins on day 3. We’ll get em next time.

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Aditya Agarwal

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