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Macau Update

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2013-04-27 at 12:00 AM

PokerStars has a new home at the city of dreams and its an awesome venue. Numbers have been record breaking and they even had to turn people away from the main having hit capacity and accommodating a number of alternates (people were getting in at 300-600 even and yet they cudnt accomodate everyone). Prizepool was huge and it was an awesome 3 day tournament.

Main event started with 15k chips at 25-50, field was really soft and even though most of us played day 1c which was the toughest most tables were extremely soft. My table was a dream with almost no tough players and lot of amateurs and satellite winners. I grinded for a long time after bluffing in medium sized pot. Noteworthy hands:

200-400 (50) super lag opens to 1k, I make it 1800 intending to call off his shove on 9k stacks, bb nit cold 4 bet jams, I fold AQ.

200-400 (50) I min raise to 800 with KsKc, lag donk calls from bb. Flop Q66ss chks around, turn brick T, he checks I bet 1125 he makes it 5k and calls my shove with KT, I hold.

200-400 (50) one of the late regs who has been on the table for only 2 orbits and has been allin already 3 times, opens for 925, I make it 2100 he shoves 15k I call with AK and hold against his KT

200-400 (50) I min raise 78hh good reg flats bb, flop Ks 8s 2c he checks I bet 900 he makes it 2800 I call, Turn 4h he bets 6k i call, river 2 he bets 10k i call, he has K8cc, I am down to 9200.Kinda messed up here, cud hv been much cheaper if i had checked the flop.

300-600 (75) utg limps, MP player limps, I shove 9200 with TJhh both fold.

300-600 (75) lag opener min raises to 1200, i shove 11100 with TJhh (yes same hand as before), bb cold calls with KQ and holds

I got talked into playing the high roller event by bblack and kanishka, even though I had originally planned to play only the main events here and at Cebu. Anywyas, I was super happy I played it, the field was ridiculously soft and they ended up getting 160 players making it a huge prizepool.
We started with 20k at 50-100. Again I had a dream table, even softer than the main event.
Notable hands:

100-200 (25) weak Japanese guy raises to 550, old Chinese guy calls right next to him (he was supreme fish, he wud call everything and had shown aggression one time where he busted a guy on 339 board with 34 vs the guy’s 79, they got it in level one on the flop in a single raised pot, it was quite absurd) right next to him flats, I make it 1850 with KThh (16k effective), only the fish calls. Flop Ah Tc 7c, he checks I bet 1900 he calls. Turn is 3h he checks, I check back. River is Ks and he instantly goes allin, I tank a while and fold.

100-200 (25) I min raise to 400 with AA, Jay Tan or w/e (she is bodog asia pro) makes it 900, she had already busted cpl fishes who had just donked their stack to her, so she was at 50-60k already. I make it 2200, she calls, flop is K96r I bet 1900 she makes it 5500 and folds to my shove of 9k total.

200-400 (50) supreme fish limps, I make it 1600 with JQ everyone folds he calls. Flop A J Q, he checks calls 1800, turn is 8 he check calls 2600, river is 4 he checks I bet 6500 and he mistakenly min-raises by throwing 11k out (he very obviously wanted to call only), I call he has A5, tht gets me upto 40k.

200-400 (50) Young asian kid makes it 1k, fish calls 1k on CO, I make it 3500 on btn with AK, young kid makes it 5500, I make it 9k and calls his 20k shove he has AA and holds.

300-600 (75) I make it 1200 utg with KK, weak bad utg+2 calls, fish calls from bb. Flop Kc 4c 6h I bet 1650, utg+2 shoves 12k or so, bb fish tanks and then puts his last 13k in, I call instantly and hold against 33 and 57.

400-800 (100) I open to 1600 with 99 with 52k, utg+2 new player but seems pretty good regular, flats 1600, shortstack guy tanks and moves allin for 10k more, I call, utg+2 puts me allin for 40k more I fold. He shows AKdd, shortstack had AJ.

600-1200 (100) shortstack shoves 16k with A8 and sucks out on my TT.

600-1200 (100) weak Japanese guy opens to 2500 utg, I shove 22k with 99, BB with 5 bbs calls with AQ, Japanese guy calls with TT and holds

Sailesh Lohia from kolkata is still in the main event with 18 players left, we have a huge contingent down here, so he will hv the biggest and loudest rail if he manages to make it to the final table. The boys have been playing hard and partying hard so this would be good way to leave Macau if sailesh final tables. Congrats to dirtty mudgal for having the best overall performance here, he busted the main in 40th place when his AA got cracked for 300k allin pre pot agaisnt AQcc and he had already lost AA vs QQ vs AJ for monstrous CL pot in one of the side events final table, it payed around 50k for 1st. We still have some sweats for India left in 6k tournaments and bunch of people are also playing the 2500 bounty event, I will probably end up playing online, again there should be a big group of us grinding online as well since they are so many of us here. Leaving for Cebu early Monday morning so not going to be playing the late ones onlien tomorrow, but all in all, pretty happy about coming down to Macau and looking forward to Cebu a lot, got the live bug again so will probably play buncha side events at appt cebu. Will try and keep the blog updated.

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Aditya Agarwal

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