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Macau/Cebu and online grind

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2013-04-24 at 12:00 AM

Online has been going pretty decent, I have a nice schedule where I try and play most of the big and hot tourneys, these are the biggest gtd tournies and entire schedule is pretty economical. I hv been playing big 16 33 8 22 109 and hot 2 3 4 11 33 16 almost everyday with some success, best finishes has been winning big 16 and 2nd in big 22, I have started getting more deep runs and have been feeling pretty confident in them, having been playing them everyday have gotten familiar with player field and structure. Still getting crushed on Sundays though, feel I am playing too tight at times in bigger tourneys so got to change that a bit, really looking forward to a good Sunday score. Online unfortunately will see some random playing over next 10 days since I will be in Macau for Red Dragon main and then Appt Cebu. I am not the biggest fan of Macau but really like Cebu. Red Dragon event is going to be biggest ever with over 800+ expected for the main. Not that many big tourneys in Asia and even though its not huge compared to events in wsop there is still lot of value in playing it, so I willl be in Macau for 4 days for the main and hopefully can make it count. Will be heading to Cebu right after Macau Main. Cebu event is going to be much smaller than the Macau one, but Cebu is just awesome and I am looking forward to it. A huge Indian contingent is already in Macau and are doing really well, one of the reasons I even considered going was to be with everyone in Macau and hang out, I think this is the first time we had such a good representation in an International Event outside of India, hopefully lot of them come for the wsop as well this yr.

Since I have been monotonously grinding so much I haven’t had much time for blogging and forum posting but will be more active now, our PokerGuru mtter group is now close to 60 strong with lot of people doing extremely well recently (congrats saby and sahil), although most of the conversations are IPL related nowadays (former mtt star donkab0mber has now become a fulltime punter, fans are r

ailling his bets in the chat all day long). If you want to join this skype group just hit up anyone form pgmp1 or 2 and they will add u to the skype group. Its an open group for all PokerGuru members who play mtts.

looking forward to these 2 events and can hopefully make a run in atleast one. I have continued to work hard and feel way more at par now, there is some work I still need to put in before Vegas, but with playing everyday and studying everyday I should be there, this live experience will help a lot as well.

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Aditya Agarwal

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