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Madness @ Diwali

Posted by Ganesh Kompella on 2012-11-13 at 12:00 AM

Hi and Happy Diwali to Everyone,

As always me and my friends raised up at the stakes , grabbed couple of beer’s & redbull’s and went to my friend villa around 8 pm. We usually agree to end the session around 2 am but no one wants to leave the table and we stretched the sessions for 15 hours (Played till 12 pm the next day).

We started our games with a 1000 min buy in and 20 / 40 stakes . Well don’t be disappointed about the buy in right now, You’ll be amazed to know what happens next. The game was slow and steady for most of guys but the ones who were a bit drunk were playing poker as if they were sitting at a teen patti (Indian Flash) table. Going 2K – 5K all in on just seeing 1 card (A , K or Q) irrespective of what the other card might be, which they see after the entire flop is opened. Some went 60K down each in 3 hour and kept playing at the same level. It felt like Mini Goa to me Lol.

However, There was one hand in particular which I was involved too and it was a 55K pot. I raised with 66 , “X” called with AA and “Y” called just by seeing Jc, the other card he didnt bother to look at.

Flop : 6 J A

I check , “X” moves all in with almost 14K . “Y” looks at his other card 6c and calls All-In at 7K. And as everyone would do on having a set I call with extreme confidence.

Turn : J
River : 8

All of us Hit a Full House but only one turns out to be a true winner. Poker can show you real ups nd downs in a matter of seconds. Being a pro footballer back in the day, I have to admit even while playing at a national level I never experienced such adrenaline. I hope the rest of the year doesn’t bring any cooler’s for me or my PG team mates:) ..

Good Luck Everyone

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Ganesh Kompella

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