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Maiden Macau trip – Part -1

Posted by Bharat Naidu on 2013-05-03 at 12:00 AM

Ok… this is my 1st blog on PG blog’s. Rightly timed after my 1st maiden International Poker trip… so after lot of flip-flops due to my father’s ill health, I finally decide I am making the trip on 19th April as scheduled with a few Poker buddies. I reach airport and hook up with Vermaji, Kanjani and am looking for rest… couldn’t find any more guys… nevertheless was gung ho about the trip and didn’t care much!! So we land at HK airport and we all had to take a ferry to Macau… I wasn’t carrying any HK$ on me and the exchange rate offered at the terminal was terrible, so there comes my savior “Bombay-lad” (Vermaji) lends me some dough and later also lends some more for my hotel check-in. So at airport we take taxis to our hotel, as the taxi boots are small I had to share with another guy … unknown to me then!! Now know as the 3k event winner Amit Ajwani, maybe it was sharing the taxi with him that just rubbed some luck on to me!! You never know 😉

So we check in to our Hotel Sheraton – Macau, its 4-5 hotel properties attached together and right opp. to City of Dreams (COD)… the PokerStars new home in Asia. So we check in and head straight to the casino to play the 750$ satellite to the 5.5K$ event… again I hadn’t exchanges my US$ and had to borrow from Ajwani, which proved to be lucky as I was able to win a seat through the sattys. later at 8pm we had the 2K$, which I grinded for 4-5 levels and am able to make a decent stack, when this hand happens. We are in the last hand before the break and I am dealt JdTd SB and I raise to BB as the whole table has folded and he flats. So we have a flop AhKhQh and am only scared of a single card flush completing, so I check to BB to see his action and put him on range … so he bets and I flat him, To trap him on later stage!! The turn is a Ac and I again check to which he fires another C-bet, so am sure he has A and so I shove… unfortunately he has AQ and insta calls…. Me is drawing dead!! And leave the tables and head to cash game!!

So there is a long waiting list in the Cash Games and eventually I get a seat after 1 hr waiting.. and I am on 50-100 table which in Indian terms is 350/700 Rs. I start with 12K$ and able to grind and make it 14K. Then this hand happens, I m dealt 55 in MP+1. I flat 100 and MP+2 makes it 500 to go… he gets 2 callers and I flat too… we see a flop Td5h8d , EP player checks to me I make it 1.8K$ and MP2 flats to which the button makes it 8K …. EP folds… and I shove 12K on this move, MP2 folds and button goes on tank for just 4k more… but later makes a crying call wid 2d4d and hits his flush draw and I get disgusted wid his play and head to my room… relax for some time and get a hold of the situation.

Now I am angry and wanna recover the loss back!! So my roommate Mr.RG , suggests lets go to Wynn and grind there as we find lot recreational players there. So I agree and load on my US$ and also ajwani joins us and we go to Wynn casino, we easily get 2 seats on 50/100 same table and ajwani sits on a different table. So I change my strategy and start playing a LAG type, and on showdowns I had been showing lot of mid and bottom pairs…. Which the Chinese were stunned to see as they play very tight game and just playing a LAG game I am already stuck 20K$ and am playing wid my last 12K$ and my whole trip is in jeopardy as I am stuck almost 80% of my trip funds. I m wondering what the fuck have I done and don’t see a way out!! Unless I really start playing well, I am not going to get out of it!! So I start playing very aggressive and am able to chip up to 25K$ without any showdowns.

So now I get dealt a hand TT MP and I raise to 450 and I get 2 callers…. I hit my set on flop 8 T J, I again lead another 1K into the pot and there is just 1 caller and rest fold. Turn is a 5 and didn’t do much to the board ….. so I fire another 3K into a 3.5K pot… he calls it too, now ajwani who was playing in another table comes over as he just made sum huge profits and was done for the day and asks me to show my cards!! I show him TT and he is following the action. So the river card comes another J, and the board pairs up… Now the pot is about 9.5K and I think if he has sum over pockets or the J he is not gonna fold it, so I overbet 15K into 9.5K pot and he tanks for 10mins and makes a crying call and I insta flip my FH, which is gud to take down the pot and am almost near 52K and stick around for another 10-15 mins and leave the table with net profit and a memorable trip saved from disaster!! 😎

Part -2 to be continued……

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Bharat Naidu

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