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Mass Multi Tabling and the Messed up sleep schedule…

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-08-07 at 12:00 AM

Last week has been pretty good for the entire team online as we had a few very close finishes. KC final tabled 2 deep stack tourneys which is pretty sick. I think, I need to find the patience in me to grind it out. I am sure I will find it soon. I had a few final table finishes and a couple of really deep runs this week and I hope to convert a few in the next.

We have been Mass multi tabling for the last week, with us 10-tabling at peak. Like most of you know by now, to counter online variance you need to put in volume.I played my max number of tourneys in a day this week (29 tourneys) and felt really good. Now, some of you might ask about the investment you need to play so many. We have a list of tourneys (provided by Intervention) which we usually play and we end the day with turbos. With the complete schedule , in a day, we need about $1000 US (If you are a micro, low grinder you need a lot lesser obviously) to play, However, its much easier to break even and to be in profit when u put in so much volume. This is because you end up going deep in mutilple tourneys and a few good scores and you are set. If I look at my weekly ROI, I think last week would have been the best (without a win), coz of the volume I have put in.

My sleep schedule is a little off and a bad migraine has set in. I have not been able to sleep well off late coz of this and thats affecting my game a little. So, this week, I am gonna make sure I put in enough sleep with volume. Being well rested for a session has its advantages.

I am gonna add a special section in my blog called ” Intervention says”. This section will have something like the tip of the week I pick up from the coaching sessions we have with Intervention.

So this week Intervention says , ” Your hand doesn’t matter, Situation does”.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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