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May wrap-up and a move

Posted by sunny sen on 2012-05-26 at 12:00 AM

So I had a work related move come up and find myself back in a familiar foreign country in my old home town after a hiatus of just over a year.

Before the move, I played a few of the 1st week SCOOP-M-Ls, got some stacks and then crashed out in some redonkulous fashion. Hats off to MTT pros though, for the life of me I cant fathom how MTT pros go about playing tourneys for a living and still retain their sanity, I played one sunday of mass-multi tabling a semi full schedule of MTTs and midway through the session I was pulling out chunks of hair at a time in utter frustration. (MTT pros check out this simulation by noahsd : [URL]http://www.nsdpoker.com/category/poker-pro/[/URL]). Anyway I cashed one NL SCOOP-M and one PLO-M, and that was that for SCOOP.

Cash game wise here’s a graph of my bread and butter game (part April included) NL headup @ .5/1, 1/2, 2/4 with a shot at 5/10 chasing a whale (see the bump around hand 13.5k) who asked for higher limits after being down 8buyin at 100nl (0.5/1) in less than 500 hands. I added a fair bit of euro sites to my schedule, where action in general is softer, rakeback is much much higher (40ish), but action tends to be fairly slow compared to Stars and in most cases the software is absolute shit.


I also played a fair amount of small- mid stakes 6max (took a shot at an apparent soft 2/4 euro 4 handed lineup but got coolered/played bad in that) and quite a bit of PLO (up around 3kish in 6max down atleast 4-5k in PLO). I am not sure what to do with my PLO game right now, EV-wise I am running way below EV, but more importantly my mental setup for this game doesn’t seem to be right.

I’m off for a small vacation tomorrow with the wife and a few old friends, so poker for may is pretty much a wrap.

I have some coaching sessions scheduled next month with jesse (etrncdrnr on twoplustwo, [url]https://twitter.com/#!/entrncdrnr[/url]) to go over my heads-up game and plug some leaks. Jesse btw is one of the best small-stakes to mid-stakes HU coaches out there and his website is a gem with a shit ton of solid information



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sunny sen

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