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May Wrap-Up

Posted by Siddarth Singhvi on 2012-06-03 at 12:00 AM

It has been an amazing month- mainly in terms of poker learning, vloume and results. Last month i played about 9 tournies (3 PGT, 1 UPC, 5 APT) and 4 APT satellites, almost equalling the total amount of live tournies I had played prior to this month (thats why online is awesome – u can play huge volume at ur will, in ur home AND with a larger field).

I had already written about my PGT stint, a couple of bad decision at the end stages in the PGT ME deprived me of a seat into the FT. Anyways after PGT, i went home and came back to Goa to play the APT satellite which included 5 value-added seats by Royale. Unfortunately i couldnt take advantage of such a great value event. My story with the APT satellites is hilarious – i had almost put in the M.E buy-in amount playing 4 diff. satellites and finally managed to win a seat in the last satellite on day 1B. But this happiness was short-lived. Firstly because of the starting table i drew- it already felt like a FT (Jasven on my right, Samohhh, Amit, Dhaval, Goindi to my left along with Fredrik Halan, Eashwaran, one more guy and a NZ firang aka NZF who proved to be my nemesis *dont remember his name). I was dealt Kings the 3rd hand i sat down and ended up loosing 45-50% of my starting stack: At 50/100 15k eff. stack, UTG raises-The NZF 3bets the raiser- I 4bet – UTG folds – NZF flats (alarm bells ringing already because of my history with NZF in earlier days). On a Queen high board,NZF checks- I check, 10 on the turn- NZF checks – I bet abt 2550 – NZF smooth calls (danger confirmed), an inconsequential river card- NZF checks – I check and he shows me Aces :(. Because of the awesome APT ME structure, I could buy some time to chip back upto to 15k starting stack. But to my dissappointment i again ran into NZF, this time i was not sure what he was holding as he again flatted my 3bet preflop and when i lead into him on the flop, he put me all-in and i had to fold with no pair or draws on the board. Now i was left with 9k, lost a few more chips in a quest to chip-up quickly and at blinds 200/400 with abt 18 BB I min raise with mid-pockets 88 and was put to an all-in decision pre-flop. I made the call and the guy clipped his king on the flop to knock me out of the tourney(he had KQo).

Along with the ME, i played 4 other APT side events and the last UPC event. Did pretty good in the 1st APT side event (10K Freezeout) where in I was the FT bubble- finsihed 11th when i shoved 14BB from SB with Js9s and Alan a reg. from Australia tank called with A8. The flop was great for me-KT7 but no help on turn and river. The second event (15k headhunter) was awesome- finished 2nd and collected 5 bounties :). I played a decent game to reach the final 18 and then was super card dead for a long time, also played a little tight as i did not want to get knocked out before the money this time. I was the shortest stack when the bubble broke and when we reached the money I told myself to treat this as any other online FT. I got lucky the very first hand when i shoved with 99 against Pulkit raise with TT and from then on dint look back, was playing and running good.The HU with Anil was a dissapointment, I should have played better but there is always a next time atleast i hope so. The 3rd event (15k freezeout) was a wonderful learning experience with two maniacs- Prabhat M and Nitish to my immediate right raising evey alternate hand and building decent stack.I was in a pretty bad spot and couldn’t do much the whole day. I finally decided to shove 17BB with my 88 from MP when Nitish had raised again UTG+1. He made a crying tank call with Ac6c and clipped his Ace on the turn. The 7k hyperturbo was a super fun tourney, had chipped up nicely and then lost my entire stack when Ashutosh-short stack goes all-in UTG with A9, on the button i go all-in over the top with JJ and unfortunately a firang in BB wakes up with KK. He wins a huge pot, goes ahead and ships the tourney. The UPC event dint go well for me, I played very bad that day. Also with it being a 12k knockout re-entry format, the buy-in just dint matter to some people (there were 100BB blind all-in and blind raises on my table- was funny playing though lol) and thus had changed the complete dynamics of the game and the table. All in all it was a great month filled with lots of learning, meeting old and new friends and having loads of fun. I shoved almost anything and everything, got and gave many suckouts, flopped quad Aces and also witnessed an awesome heads-up between Amit and Samay for the 30k APT freezeout side event (personally just loved that HU battle).

Now regarding the Mentorship program, the online sessions have kick started again with Adi moving back to Kol. There has already been a couple of sessions this week which I have to go through again to understand the concepts, digest them 🙂 and put them to good effect in my own game. With just 4 sessions done, it feels like there is so much of poker learning and growth one can acheive by the end of this program. My only wish is it happens on Sat and Sun, so that you cant miss it!!


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Siddarth Singhvi

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