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Mentorship Program, PGT Event and A Personal Promise

Posted by Siddarth Singhvi on 2012-05-16 at 12:00 AM

Hi Guys,

I am super excited to be part of the PGT mentorship program as this is my one time opportunity to take my tournament poker game to the next level under the guidance of Adi and other PGT mentors/pro. I truly believe that Intervention is definitely the best Guru to teach online/live tournament Poker Strategy. Unfortunately because of bad net connectivity in Goa the online sessions haven’t kick started the way we would have liked, but for guys who are out there in Goa- they are having regular sessions at Adis place. However we do have a couple of catchup sessions lined up for this week, so really looking forward to those.

I did play the first three tournies of the PokerGuru tour.

5k Freezeout Event:
The structure of 5k freezeout tournament is such that you have to double up initially asap if you have any hope of running deep. In order to do so, I lost 30% of my stack initially caught bluffing twice. So basically with increasing blinds and shortened stack, i had only two options shove or fold. I decided to shove from MP with Ac4c when Nitish raised (Nitish calls and shows A5o)only to get a chop-chop- board ran 34567. Immediately next hand I shove again and get busted- Nitish 3bets a limper, I shove again and theres another guy acting behind who goes allin- Nitish and limper folds. I was happy to see my AK up against AQ only to get rivered by a straight.

12K Bounty Event:
In the 12k bounty event, I had a very passive table to start with and chipped upto 12K quite nicely without show-down. Then came the dull period wherein I was card dead/spot dead and was sitting quite for a long time. To make things worse, after sometime a couple of hyper agro players joined our table, i managed to barely hang on to the avg. stack by collecting a few blinds here and there. Later the table broke and we were moved to a new table. At blinds 600/1200 with 20kish stack, I see this action-Hussain raises-around 2.2x, Kim goes all-in and i see AdKd at SB- I call, Hussain folds. I was devastated to see Kim holding AA. The flop lifted my sprirts with JdQdKc opening flush draw hopes, but bricks on turn and river ended my day- gg me!! The day was still super good because my buddy Pradeep Singh shipped the 12k bounty event :):)

25k Main Event:
The 25k Main Event had an awesome structure and lured lots of good players. I played pretty well and ran deep in it- finishing 11th. My initial table was tough filled with tournament regulars and a couple of agressive players to my right. I couldn’t get much going during the first 2 levels, did try to get hold of a few pots in the first 3 orbits but failed each time except once. With increasing blinds, failed attempts and agrressive players my stack had already dwindled down to 9k. I got a boost to my stack when this hand happened just before the break- At 300/600 with abt 8.5k stack, i open A6o to 1400, Mukul Chadda shoves abt 10.5k from BB with KQo and I make the call. I hit two pair on the flop and chip up to abt 18k. Immediately after the break, my table broke and I was on a new table. At 400/800 Uday Patil raises 3000 from button, I make a tank shove from BB with QQ, Uday insta-calls with AKo and I won that race. At 600/1200, SB raises 2600, I 3-bet him to 6000 with K2o-SB calls-Flop Q6{rag}, I make a c-bet of 5400-SB folds. At 600/1200- a guy from UTG+1 rasies 3000, I 3-bet him to 8000 with JJ, he calls, flop comes 38J, he checks, I make a c-bet of 6500 and he makes it to 25000- I go all-in and take down the pot. By now i had chiped upto 75k and was cruising. Then started the downfall, I spewed a few chips when i raised on the button and Amit Varma 3-bets from BB, I call only to fold on the flop(dumb me). At 1200/2400, I then loose a decent amount of chips to Krishna, when veryone folds i see AQo on SB, i raise 3x-he calls from BB-I lead 6800 on a K82 flop and get min raised – I fold. At 1200/2400, I raise 6000 with A4o-BB goes all in with A7o-I call and hit trips on the flop. Later at 1500/3000 was the biggest disaster I had abt 56-58K stack, Hussain leads 8500- I 3bet him to 18500 with AdQd-Hussain 4bets to 38500 leaving eaxctly abt 20k behind with him, I tank foreover-Hussain calls the clock on me and I fold finally. (Still dont know what should I have done there-Samohh says jam it in, Amit says flat the 8500 instead of 3-betting if I had intentions of folding to a cold 4-bet).But I almost always thought either he is flatting or jamming there with that stack size but leaving just 20k behind just dint feel right to me. Well after that, i was then left with 9BB at 2000/4000 and shoved A7o on a 6 handed table from cut-off, Krishna insta-calls on button with AcQc and I go busted!!

I did not play the high roller event and instead put in good volumes at the cash tables.

I havent played much online for the last week but now that I am back, will play a few Micro-Low turbos on PS with limited online bankroll. I am very bad at online BankRoll Management, even though I had done fairly well in MTTs last year and this year- I sometimes itch towards playing online cash games and high stake HU hyperturbo way above my bankroll only to spew away all my earnings and leave myself suffering now.So I hope this acts as a lesson to all the readers and a personal note to myself- STOP PLAYING ONLINE CASH GAMES ABOVE YOUR BANKROLL!! (I hope I come here and stop myself each time I think of doing it again).


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Siddarth Singhvi

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