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Micro Millons & my PokerJourney So far!!

Posted by Vivek Raju on 2012-07-22 at 12:00 AM

Hi all,

This would be my first blog ever to share my experiences in Online Poker @ Pokerstars. I started playing online poker few months back, recently took part in many of the Micro Million events and consistently had deep run after having a solid titl forever. I’m not sure why my hands bust only on the river…lol.

Micro Million 5.50 buy -in had a deep run and eventually finished 52nd out of 12000 players apprx for $ 80 won.

Micro Miilion 2.20 with 20,000 entrants managed to hold on to the chip lead for some time with a stack size of 1.5 Million eventually busted 222 nd plc with a wrong play having 66 against JJ on a flop having K, 10, 9, 8,2 i guess.

I strongly feel i would need some kinda of solid training and mentorship but alas was not selected for the mentorship offered at poker guru by Intervention (My guru and inspiration).

But somehow trying to learn the hard way playing lots and learning thru articles and watching others play. Generally rail “Suicidespree” when he is online playing – learnt a great deal from Prabhat just by watching his style of playing. (So, thanks mate though you don’t know me..lol)

The last 2 weeks that i have played SNG’s 2.50 180 men. Shipped to SnG’s winning around $ 240 but busted all due to my terrible bankroll management.

My weakness is in the mid-stage of a tourney and my strong urge to see the flop even when i know what the other player is holding. Have done this blunder many a times and lost most of my chip stack.

Haven’t played a live tourney yet, wish to some day at Goa. Would love to be coached by some one out there, requesting all poker buddies there to help me out in advancing my level of poker.

good luck to all u guys under the mentorship program by “Intervention” – u guys are truly blessed to be trained by the “Online legend”

Hope i get to meet him one day and learn a great deal of poker!!

c ya guys…on the tables… 🙂

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Vivek Raju

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